Too Tired to Write Well

First and foremost, let's get this out of the way:


I am absolutely exhausted from the late night (and the 3.5 mile walk from Smith Point to my house), so I'll make this short and sweet.

My trip to Smith Point was a disaster. The LateNightShots people were really nice to me. Like, they went out of their way. God damn it, how can I complain about them now? My biggest complaint would be that the beer selection there is an absolute travesty. No beers on tap and the best beer they had there was, honest-to-God, bottled Budweiser. What the eff kind of rich-kid bar doesn't have top shelf beer?

Also, it was weird seeing people so dressed up for the purpose of getting drunk. I stuck out like a sore thumb in my blue-plaid "Mr. Fantastic" shirt. I looked ridiculous. At least it made it easy for people to spot me. In retrospect, I should have worn a suit.

I had a good time. Smith Point isn't as much fun as those dirty hipster bars that people complain about on the LNS boards, but I made due. It says a lot that I was able to show up looking like an idiot and still make small talk with everyone. Considering how socially awkward I am, that's amazing. People avoid eye contact with me at DC9 if I'm wearing something out of place (like my precious sweater vests), so, score one point for the rich-kids.

Of course, some people were still suspicious of me. I just picked this up from the LateNightShots forum:

Who was the guy in the cowboy-type flannel who showed up at 8 pm sharp and was standing around awkwardly. Was that wonkette? He looked like he was up to something.

I would attack this if it weren't kind of, you know, accurate.


  1. I missed voting b/c I was too drunk.

    Doesn't that qualify me automatically for admission?

  2. You should respond: "that was me, shitface. Sorry I didn't have a heavily starched polo shirt accompanied by a tommy hilfiger tie to conform with the rest of you shitbags."


  3. Oh, and Matt, get a new fucking picture.

  4. i miss the original guy of this blog. you kinda suck in your ways. good day.

  5. can you please include the really fucking ridiculous metro buses in your hating dc campaign? perhaps maybe i can take you on some ride alongs... sharing the road with those killing machines is insane.

  6. WTF is this one has to be invited to the Late Night Shots forum?!?

  7. ted, why the hate. i will get a new picture but why would you care, you homo? okay, it's a bad picture, whaddya want?

    chill. you sound like you are a pussy in dire need of a drinkie-pooh.

  8. btw, i got an email from jame's mother. he's dead. so SHUT it!

  9. Matt is kinda hot. Keep the picture.

  10. ted,

    rich kids haven't worn tommy hilfiger in, like, six years. if some are still doing that they deserve to be executed by your gay mafia in dupont circle.

  11. beware the gay mafia.