Creepy Asshole

So I'm getting off the Metro yesterday at Friendship Heights. I take the Jenifer Avenue exit. Unlike most Metro stops, this exit does not feature a disorientingly long escalator. Instead, I have to deal with four elevators. This is phenomenal if you're lazy. I qualify.

Because I know what train to get on and because of my strappingly long legs, I am the first one to reach the elevators at about 5:45pm. There's one other dude right behind me and a bunch of fellow commuters a few paces behind.

The elevator arrives, I step in. I'm followed by the dude. The dude then starts frantically pushing the "doors close" button even though there are about 15 commuters right behind him. The doors close just as they arrive and suddenly I am by myself in an elevator with this creepy mouthbreather. I do not want to be in the same elevator as him.

Who the Hell does that? Like, was he in some kind of rush that necessitated inconveniencing a dozen people so he could save himself a maximum of, what, 20 seconds? That's an asshole move. Either that or he was petrified at sharing an elevator with 15 people. But if being surrounded by 15 people presents that much of a problem, perhaps the Metro during rush hour isn't the right place for you to be.

I assume it's just another guy in Washington who assumes his convenience is more important than the convenience of others. Another person who thinks of himself first and foremost. This city certainly seems to have its fair share of these cretins.

On that note, I'm going to look into the gigantic Metro fare increase being proposed by the WMATA. I don't expect to be happy with it.


  1. Here's what you and I won't like Rusty:

    I pasted bits from the WaPost article:

    "All rush-hour rail riders who pass through one of 19 downtown stations where crowding is most severe would pay a 35-cent surcharge.

    For example, a Red Line trip from the Grosvenor-Strathmore station to Farragut North costs $2.75 during rush-hour periods. Under the proposal, the trip would cost $3.40 with a SmarTrip card and $4.35 with a paper card. The higher fares include the 35-cent "congestion charge," because Farragut North is one of the system's most crowded stations."

    Are you fucking kidding me? So I am being punished for working in downtown DC with a 35 cent extra charge because I get off at MetroCenter?

  2. i used to work at friendship heights and take that exit and i swear to god people did that shit ALL THE TIME. wtf?

  3. 35 cents adds up over several days, weeks and months.

    Do the math you bitches!!!!!!!

  4. btw: $4.35?! jesus christ!

  5. Oh. My. God. I love how they are trying to encourage people to take the Metro at off-peak hours. Like I can choose when I can and can't come in. This is going to hurt the working man!

  6. Needless to say I would expect a post on this later.

  7. Rusty-

    Why didn't you hold the elevator. You were there first and you knew others were coming right after you- why not hold the door while others caught up with their non-lanky legs?

  8. Yeah Rust, why the fuck didn't you stick your neck out to thwart that shitbag's moves? Also, why the fuck are you taking the elevator. Two months ago you went on and on about how you walked around the reflecting pool and back to work for lunch and now you can't go up a fucking escalator? Put down the roast beef sandwich you fat fuck.

  9. There are no escalators on that side of the Metro. I walk up the escalator every day at Dupont thank you very much.

  10. Normally, I'm a big-time hater. But I don't think it's fair b/c when it comes to situations like that people around here from all races and creeds and walks of life would hold the door open.

    That guy was the exception to the norm. Maybe he was catching a good one and just got paranoid? I've been there.

    But there's a simple solution to that in the unlikely event it ever happens again. Rusty realizes that man entered second and has even less of a claim on ownership to that one elevator. Rusty sticks his hand in the door to hold it for those other people.

    You're totally allowed to do that. I'm deputizing you. Next time.

  11. I'm sorry, Rusty, but I was in a rush and those people can go eff themselves. Besides, you didn't try and stop me.

  12. You're damn right the fare increases are going to hurt the working man. It seems designed to do just that. And WTF is up with this ridiculous "congestion charge" idea?

    I came here as soon as I read the WaPo article, completely expecting a full-on Rusty tirade that would express my infuriation with the whole thing. I'm waiting...

  13. Matt change the fucking picture before I have a fucking heart attack.

  14. http://www.wmata.com/about/board_gm/wmata_budget_worksheet.xls

  15. Since moving to Washington in 2001, the Metro has gotten progressively worse.

    this is a misplaced modifier buddy. watch your grammar.

  16. i read this yesterday and was so mad i couldn't concentrate at work and had to go outside for a break.

    if metro goes through with this proposed hike, i am going to start walking to work. fuck them.

    i live in woodley park and work in georgetown. its ~2 miles. OR i could walk to dupont and take the blue bus, which i might hate even more than the metro.

    that is so fucking outrageous. its not my fault DC bureaucrats wasted my tax money. DC residents pay enough in taxes as it is, i shouldn't have to pay a fucking cab fare to take the metro to work.