Jilted by a Metro Area Blogger

What's a man to do when the love of his life won't return his e-mails? The hurt just runs so deep that you end up paralyzed and staring at a computer screen waiting for some kind of contact. The misery is overwhelming.

I've had this problem with the apple of my eye, Michelle Malkin. Every e-mail I send her is unanswered. Every single one! I e-mailed Paul Mirengoff and got an immediate response. Mr. Mirengoff is clearly above Mrs. Malkin in the "Montgomery County Conservative Bloggers who are Nice to Rusty" power rankings I keep in my head.

I was hurt by Mrs. Malkin's decision to ignore me, but yesterday I thought I had her. She would have to respond to my hot tip.

Yesterday, The Washington Post reported that an illegal alien obtained a driver's license, kept the driver's license despite refusing Breathalyzer tests in the past, and then killed someone in a drunk driving accident. The kicker: the unfortunate victim was a Marine on leave from Iraq.

This has every element of a Michelle Malkin ragegasm. Authorities not protecting the public from drunk drivers? Check. The needless death of a soldier? Check. The presence of an illegal alien? Big check. Surely my hot tip would at least get a response.

No. Nothing.

That's it. I am through with e-mailing Mrs. Malkin. This unrequited love can move no further. If we're at the point where she won't write a column or make a comment about an illegal alien killing a Marine, well, that's just not the Michelle Malkin I fell in love with.

She is totally not getting another Valentine e-card next year.


  1. I'll bite, rusty.

    I was actually arrested for drunk driving on Thanksgiving. Hmmmm... No special treatment for me. 'Course I wasn't driving a Honda Civic.....

  2. You haven't heard?

    Michelle is so hard-core neo-con that she's checked herself into an Asian internment camp until the terrorsits are defeated and illegal immigration is under control.

  3. don't the neocons like illegal immigration? Aren't they in league w/ the whole open-borders Business Roundtable crowd?

  4. apples and oranges. you're confusing trade with immigration.

  5. No, no. I know the difference between the two, Friday. Like Steve Martin, I can distinguish between shit and shillac.

    But trade (business) has absolutely everything to do with (illegal) immigration.

    Fred Rogers, RIP.

  6. So, it looks like I'm down to just you two.

    I am perfectly OK with that.

  7. Oh I thought this was DCist blog. Just kidding, rusty.

    Free Trade = American raw materials and factories go overseas for cheaper labor.

    Immigration = Cheap labor comes to work in America for the service industry to sell our manufactured or processed raw materials back to us.

  8. Gayest. Post. Ever.

  9. and then you have this in Baltimore; where a woman in a red pickup truck hit a granmother with a stroller, continued for another mile, sragging the stroller and child, stopped to pull out the stroller, and went home. On the second page it discusses how the woman is a permanent resident, but not yet a citizen, and how she has been on disability/welfare for three years.