Things That Never Get Old: Late Night Shots

Whenever a presidential candidate announces that his wife has incurable cancer, you just know that some moron over at DC Late Night Shots is going to start a thread calling him a "fag."

And here we are:

"Your wife has bone cancer. It is early on but there is a good chance this could take her life. Stop being a dbag, quite your crappy campaign and spend time with her. Once she is gone you will regret the two years you wondered around the country complaining about how we should care more about lazy poor people.


I mean, this is a perfect storm of douchebaginess. Not only is the author of this little rant imposing himself on what I am sure is an intensely personal and frightening situation for the Edwards family, but he (she?) also resorts to calling poor people "lazy." LOL. And let's not forget the epithet; one of the few words that almost universally qualifies as hate speech. Good show!

Of course it gets better. LNS has its bad apples and its good apples. Some of the good apples rushed to the Edwards's defense. Here's the hilarious response from the author of the above quotation:

"my 8 year old brother had bone cancer and we struggled through 3 years and he finally made it out. does that mean someone who thinks i’m a dbag or a fag can’t call me that?"

Um, yeah it does. I'm willing to bet if someone came up to you and said "anyone with pediatric cancer in their family is a selfish douchebag fag" would get a quick punch in the face. They would deserve it. Other people who deserve it: assholes who pull out the "younger brother had cancer" card to win the right to call someone a "fag" on a Late Night Shots forum. What a fucktard.

Other "greatest hits" from various bad apples in the LNS community:

"He is one slimy bastard. No chance whatsoever of being elected. I wonder how often he cheats on her."

"…if a Republican were running for president and his wife had bone cancer, he would be looked at as a monster."

"Why would he take the high road and opt out of the race when he can use it to garner the sympathy vote?"

"johnny should be ashamed for pimping his wife’s disease.
"hey, my factual story might vaguely remember the American President!!!! Vote edwards!"

"Seriously if this was a Republican all we would be hearing is what a heartless son of a bitch the guy was."

What a combination of paranoia and lack of sympathy. Hardcore Republicans are the worst.

Anyways, if you can sneak your way into DC Late Night Shots, I highly recommend it. These forums are the best.


  1. Note that you printed none of the people calling them out for being jackasses.

  2. And they are probably the Right to Life crowd in LNS. Those are some seriously damaged people!

  3. As a democrat I think John Edwards should quit the campaign. His wife has Stage 4 cancer in her Rib which spread from her breast cancer. Stage 4 cancer in bone is extremely difficult to treat. God forbid she dies. Even if she doesn't die shouldn't her husband be around to support her through treatment and NOT campaigning. The guy from LNS was wrong, a gay person is too compassionate to leave their cancer ridden partner to campaign for office.

  4. "God forbid she dies." I am sorry but do you know her? or are you siding with her because she's some stupid presidental candidate's wife? Who gives a shit. he's obviously using it for media attention did there NEED TO BE A PRESS CONFERENCE ABOUT IT. Lots of people die from cancer....lots don't even get it diagnosed or treated, so fuck you Anon.

  5. You guys are putting my moral superiority over LNS at risk. None of us knows what's right for this family.


  6. Rusty-Your moral superiority over LNS is NEVER in question. And when you say FUCKTARD it really makes me hot.

  7. my mother taught me the word "fucktard."

    i think that means you are as cool as my mom.

  8. I'll take that as a compliment.


  9. So the question then becomes why the "'tard" reference is more acceptable than the gay slur.


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