Spending Other People's Money

Chancellor Michelle Rhee is asking for an extra $81,000,000.00 to fix the city's special education program. Mayor Fenty had previously said that he wouldn't ask for more cash for schools. The problem was mismanagement, not lack of funds. Apparently, at least for the special education program, it was both.

And then there's this: "District Council Chair Vincent C. Gray has said privately that he'll call hearings if Fenty reneged on his promise to stay within the budget."

Now, $81,000,000.00 isn't peanuts. If the city's special ed programs can be fixed without spending all that extra money, then obviously that avenue should be pursued. Gray is right to explore every possibility before committing to such a large budget increase.

Of course, when things like this happen, it's nice to have some extra cash lying around. You never know when the city will need another $81M to fix the schools or another $79M to keep the only hospital east of the Anacostia open. That extra money can be a godsend for the people who need it most.

You see where this is going, right?

Let me point out that Gray was one of the legislators who flip-flopped on the $611,000,000.00 stadium deal. He voted against the stadium lease. Four hours later, he changed his mind. I consider Gray extra-responsible for the ludicrous payoff that the Lerners and Major League Baseball received.

So, Chairman Gray, please conduct hearings on the $81M increase in education funding. But remember that your reckless vote to spend $611,000,000.00 on a playground looms large over everything you say and everything you do. In other words, Mr. Gray, I expect you to support Rhee and Fenty on this. If you say the city can't afford it, may God have mercy on your soul.


  1. perHaps if the speds could generate even Half the revenue that baseball turns, they'd give it more of a run for [their] money.

  2. You could care less about whether major league baseball stays in D.C. or not. But take a good look at the development that is taking place AROUND Nationals Park. That will be generating tons of revenue into the District's coffers that would NOT happen without the ballpark.

    Edward J. Cunningham
    Proud season ticket holder

  3. Maybe Fenty needs the extra $81 million because the effort to reform special education are being undertaken by his hand-picked, "yes man" school chancellor who is in over her head. That's what this court-appointed monitor concludes: "Baach's report paints a picture of top education officials who are in over their head.

    D.C. law requires that every outside school obtain a certificate to do business. But staff assigned to Rhee and Gist couldn’t “agree on which agency had the right, or duty, to design the seal that would be affixed to the certificate,” Baach wrote.

    In another example, D.C. school officials wrote a letter, dated July 5, demanding that outside schools provide their daily education costs by July 9. The letter, “almost inconceivably” wasn’t sent out until July 24. When it was, there were “a dizzying number” of basic questions left unanswered, Baach said." Read all about it at http://www.examiner.com/a-968700~City_officials_dropped_the_ball_on_reform_effort__watchdog_says.html

  4. And again I say, just give the Chancellor carte blanche to fire every worthless incompetent in the schools and watch costs plummet.

  5. I like your post, I agree with you so much, like what you've been said in your other post, rich people have poor ways on how to spend their money.. thanks for sharing and i'll be looking forward to see more post from you.