Taxi Day!


Today's the day, ladies and gentlemen. Mayor Fenty must decide on whether he wants DC to push forward into the 20th Century by having meters in the city's cabs. Zones, as yesterday's Post points out, are totally unacceptable and archaic.

Rumor has it that Fenty will choose the installation of GPS meters. This will maintain the city's old timey zone system while using a GPS to make sure the passenger is not being overcharged. This seems like a compromise designed to please everyone while pleasing no one. Cabbies, who I really could give two shits about, will bristle at the idea of having a meter which will log how much cash they're taking in. At the same time, the zone system, which very few people have a firm grasp on, lives on.

Zone meters are a start. Although they still leave passengers open to overcharging, it will at least hold cab drivers accountable for where they take their riders. Cab drivers can bugger off if they don't like it. I don't care if every cab is like an individual small business. They, like with the Subway Apple Fiasco, have to charge the advertised price. They are not doing that. They don't deserve anyone's sympathy when it comes to meters.


GLORIOUS! It looks like common sense has won the day.


  1. Call the mayor!! Let your voice be heard!!


  2. The best cab experience I have ever had in DC was in a gypsy cab. I expect I will continue to choose them whenever possible.

    All this meter stuff is still not addressing two other egregious problems with our system:

    1) Cabs can pick up other riders. How many times have I had a cabbie drive me home to Mt. Pleasant via 18th Street/Adams Morgan instead of Rock Creek Parkway!! A 10 minute ride becomes a 25 minute ride plus shouting match.

    2) Stopping the cab to drop off a member of your party results in full fare (from the initial starting point) being charged to each member of the party. Even if it's on the way.

    These both suck - but especially #2, which again is a situation that meters could solve.

  3. I HATE DC Cab Drivers. They are the most inconsiderate people in the city. And they are terrible drivers who want nothing more than to rip off every person that sits in their car.

  4. Take THAT, Eithiopia! USA! USA! USA!

    Anyone know how much the rate will be? No fan of the zone system, but I'm worried about the rush hour costs.

  5. YAY! Call the mayor to thank him ;-) Justice rules!

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  7. "Bad girl" you are a classy and thoughtful lady.

  8. Rusty,

    Last time I was in a cab, about two weeks ago, I noticed the cab had the new DC Zone map. It's properly oriented with the zones clearly marked and relevant landmarks displayed. It's the same one I pointed out a while back.

    Looks like Fenty is cleaning some shit up. Good idea starting with the cabs. Now to see what he does with that baseball stadium.