This Time It's Personal

I was very late to work today. I hate being late. I feel like such an ungrateful asshole. Like, thanks for the salary and the benefits, but, no, I couldn't get to the office on time.

The traffic on 16th street (I was taking the S2 to work) was horrible. The worse I had ever seen on a street in DC (not counting highways of course). It was at a standstill. Maybe there was an accident. Or an emergency. Whatever it was, my two mile trip took 50 fucking minutes.

Was it an accident or an emergency? No. It was a taxi strike.

Those motherfuckers are purposely clogging downtown DC so they can honk in front of the Wilson Building. These striking assholes have made me late to work. They may have made you late for work too. So allow me to reiterate:


Remember that this strike isn't for better working conditions or for less hours. It's to keep a system that is entirely dependent on their paying customers' ignorance. The zone system is weird and antiquated. I have lived in the city for seven years and I still can't figure out the zone map. Why the fuck is north facing left? That makes no sense!

And don't give me that bullshit about the new zone map. I've seen it online. I've never seen it in a cab.

These strikers are filthy thieves. I can not stress this enough. By continually lying about prices, they are stealing from us. That's the system they want to protect. And I'm sick of scumbags trying to rip me off.

First thing tomorrow morning I am checking Page B1 of the Post. I better see a story about these assholes getting tickets for misuse of their horns and for clogging traffic.


  1. RAURUGH! I forgot about the strike and made the supreme mistake of taking a cab to work this morning [BECAUSE I WAS RUNNING LATE]. The cabbie was a DICK and kept trying to pick up any passengers he could- National is NOT on the way to 19th and M. Then he DELIBERATELY went to 16th street, which was completely out of the way. I got out without paying and walked the rest of the way. DOUCHBAGGERY.

  2. Ugh. Rusty, stop complaining. You like unions unless they inconvenience you. Well, the way taxis work here, meters are a bad idea. Motorcades, traffic, georgetown, etc. Think about it. Dishonest cabbies are dishonest cabbies.

    Most places with meters have medallions or an artificial scarcity. With DC, there are enough cabs to go around. If they can't afford meters, we don't have enough cabs.

    Stop whining. This isn't New York, and we're not a bunch of cheaters like your Patriots or Red Sox (did you see Rocket yesteday? HA!)

  3. rusty, i will print out the taxi zone map 3 feet wide for you. carrying it around might be bothersome, but the next time you get into the backseat of a taxi, the driver will know you mean business.

  4. Even if the cabbies had a valid point, is this really how they should spread awareness? This is DC, people pay attention to shit, buy a fucking metro ad and get some GW students as indentured servants to pass out flyers.

    Oh, and andrew, the red sox? really? Instead of being an ignorant asshole, why don't you do a google image search for the rocket when he was in boston (or check my dusty baseball card collection). The Rocket went up a few uniform sizes when he left the sox, if you know what i mean. It's not the 180-pound Boston pitcher that is mentioned in the Mitchell report, it's the 'none of my hats fit because i've gained 40 steroid pounds' Rocket that is stretching out those pinstripes.

  5. "Red Sox (did you see Rocket yesteday? HA!)"

    WTF? He started using steroids (allegedly) after the Boston GM refused to resign him and said he was in the "twilight of his career."

    He is the least popular player in Boston sports history other than maybe Ulf Samuelsson (and most people have forgotten about him).

    So you're going to have to do better than that.

    And I like unions unless they inconvenience me? No. I like unions even if they inconvenience me if they're fighting for something just or fair. Not fighting for the right to steal.

  6. I'm not taking a stand on support for or against the cabbies. But I will say this...their biggest complaint is that right now they get about $7 from the start, no questions asked. If we go to meters, they start at around $3 and fear they'll suddenly be making less and less money taking tourists two blocks.

    They're also worried because many pay $100 or more out of pocket to use the vehicles and also pay for more and more expensive gas.

    And lastly, they argue that DC isn't nearly as big as NY and so if we want such a large network of cabs in the city, we need to allow them a reasonable bottom line.

    I only know this because a cabbie was lobbying my wife and I last night on our way to dinner. But with that said, a meter system would sure be nice.

  7. Not to mention the fact that cab drivers might actually have to report their full income and, gasp, pay taxes on it.

  8. oh... I totally agree. It costs me less to take an Alexandria or Arlington Cab from DCA to my place up in Cleveland Park, than it does to take a zoned cab to and from the same 2 locations! DC Cabs are a total rip-off!

  9. Haha..."pro-union Rusty" loves it when the working man bands together.

    Except when they inconvenience him during his commute.

    Or put up lots of flyers.

    Or drive up the costs of a baseball stadium.

    Or do anything else in pursuit of their goals that turns out to be a mild annoyance to him.

  10. James, I don't care if a union drives up the price of a baseball stadium. I care when the city is the one paying the tab.

    If there was a good strike, I'd be the last person to cross a line.

  11. Ulf Samuelsson never played for the Bruins. However, he does live in New Jersey.

    Par for the course.

  12. Andrew, Ulf ruined Cam Neely's career.

    Please don't try to talk sports with me if you don't know what you're talking about. The Roger Clemens thing was pretty fucking stupid.

  13. I agree. But I also despise cabs here in general. I've never seen a group of drivers that have no idea where they are going. Last weekend some idiot couldn't get us to the Dulles Expo Center from Tysons Corner. Are you kidding me?

  14. Um, sweetie, how can you tip a drive that supports the strike. If you are in a cab during the strike then he/she obviously don't support the strike since they are working that day. Duh.

  15. Well, eventually they're going to stop striking and go back to work. If they don't have a pro-strike sign in their car window, then they're probably going to yammer on about it during your ride. Failing that, ask them if they support the strikes.

    That's how.

  16. those of us who don't take cabs, ever, have put nothing in those criminals' pockets. we like it that way.

  17. So do you walk/take public transit, or do you drive around in a little car powered by your feelings of self-worth?