My First Vote For President That Kind of Matters!

Here I am, all of 25 years old, and I finally get a say in who will become nominee on the Democratic ticket. I've waited a long time for this. If only I were lucky enough to have been born 118 miles away in scenic Hampton Beach, NH. That would have been the ticket.

Other than gubernatorial elections and some wacky ballot initiatives, voting in Massachusetts is a waste of time. I mean, we had a senator kill someone and he still won 61.2% of the vote. Our junior senator was inaugurated into office before my second birthday. Suffice to say, Massachusetts is every bit the Democratic stronghold that its reputation suggests. And, unfortunately, this year was the first year where Massachusetts got to vote on a contested primary.

And yet I found a way to register somewhere that makes Massachusetts look red on the map. John Kerry won 90% of the 2004 presidential vote in the District. 90%! Even if Senator Obama is favored in a city filled with blacks and people with college degrees, he'll be hard-pressed to top 90%.

Tomorrow will be the only day on record where I kind of want to live in Virginia. Out of the three primaries tomorrow, Virginia seems to be the one where Senator Clinton has a fighting chance. Voting in close elections is always more fun and, unlike most of my peers, I'm a Hillary supporter. It feels good to vote for someone who might actually win. Unlike, say, throwing away your mayoral primary vote on Marie Johns.

But we have a presidential vote that matters! Hurray! This may sound lame, but I am genuinely excited for voting tomorrow. I hope you share my enthusiasm. Even you naive Obama supporters.


  1. Go. Hillary.

    I will be at the polls extra early girlfriend.

  2. Goodbye Adrian. Hello Faith!

    Oh, wait, mayor isn't on the ballot tomorrow.

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  4. I'm a fellow Hillary supporter.
    It took me a long time to decide but I finally made my choice when I heard she voted to invade Iraq (and hasn't apologized; what integrity!) and voted TWICE for the Patriot Act.
    Lovin' that Patriot Act!

  5. YES! Hillary!


    If she can't handle one MSNBC insult about her 28 year old daughter, imagine how tough she'll be in office.

  6. So on this post that combines both support of Hillary Clinton for president and accusing Ted Kennedy of murder, I bid WhyIHateDC goodbye.

  7. "I'm a Hillary supporter. It feels good to vote for someone who might actually win."

    Anyone else find this VERY ironic?

    "I hope you share my enthusiasm. Even you naive Obama supporters."

    Sounds like someones a wittle jealous!
    Honestly Rus, I can't fathom why someone like you would be supporting Billary, but just because she/he hasn't won a primary/caucus since Feb. 5th doesn't mean you can take cheap shots at Obama supporters.

  8. Hillary is not going to win. If she can't beat an "under qualified" black man, what chance does she have against McCain.

    BTW, the "under qualified" label bothers me. In light of the current administration; who would NOT be qualified to run the country. It also bothers me that everyone says the black man is unqualified.

  9. It bothers me that people call Senator Clinton "ambitious" and mean it as an insult because she's a woman.

    And Senator Obama is definitely not unqualified. Under-qualified? Absolutely. But not unqualified.

  10. So fucking the president (not enough by Chris Rocks standards) counts as a job qualification now? Last time I checked Obama and Clinton have the exact same number of years as a public official.

    Maybe Barbara Bush should run on 2012, she was wife/mother of a president or vice president for damn near 20 years, she's more qualified than McCain!

    ps first the Pats and then Hillary. You sure know how to back a winner Rusty. I take it you're a Devil Rays fan and a Knicks fan too right?

  11. It bothers me that people call Hillary a feminist or a pioneer of any sort. While she did have a lucrative career as a corporate attorney, her political "career" has been built entirely on her time spent as Bill Clinton's wife.

    Have you noticed that her campaign signs all say "HILLARY!" in huge letters? That's because "CLINTON 2008" signs would look a bit weird to people and remind them we've become a country of Nehrus and Ghandis. Do you think she could have become a Senator with her pre-Bill record? Maybe, but not in New York.

    Also Rusty, how can you be so adamantly against Laura Sessions Stepp when Senator Clinton also portrays herself as a feminist but instead sets women back by showing that the way to the top is through marriage?

  12. "Last time I checked Obama and Clinton have the exact same number of years as a public official."

    If you're counting time as a State Senator, then, yes. Half a term of national service just doesn't impress me.

    The thing with Obama is that he has basically the same values as Clinton. They're fighting for the same things. Except his health care plan is considerably weaker. And he doesn't have a platform on gay rights. And he keeps attacking Clinton from the right which will make it harder for her in a general election.

    Instead we get his flowery speeches saying that he's going to change Washington. In other words, the same retarded message as Mitt Romney.

    And change isn't going to happen. People said that 9/11 would change politics forever. Oops.

    Obama is basing his entire campaign on his cult of personality and that will fall apart when faced with Republicans who will want to see him fail. Republican lawmakers aren't going to buy into his bullshit. Then what does he have? Just a Dem president whose policies are inferior to Senator Clinton's. Awesome.

  13. And penalizing someone for being married to a former president is ludicrous. It would be one thing is she were Elizabeth Dole. Dole was a terrible Senator. But after eight years, Senator Clinton's record stands for itself.

    And, yes, I am bothered by her vote for the PATRIOT Act. And I was vehemently against the Iraq war resolution. I hated her vote there too. But asking her to apologize for a vote? Really? It's been established that she was fed bullshit information. Just like Kerry and just like Edwards. And even if she made the wrong choice (debatable since we don't know exactly what intelligence she was given), what the Hell does that matter anymore. If you think we're going to be out of Iraq in 2012 you're out of your gourd. At this point we're in for the long haul.

  14. McCain is going to be very very very tough for either Obama or Clinton to beat. I think Hillary has the worst chance of the two to win against McCain. She cannot draw indpendents and more liberal Republicans. Bill Richardson was the best chance, and now I fear we're in for another 4-8 of Repub rule (soudns like a prison sentence, doesn't it?).

  15. Richardson would have been dead in the water. He couldn't raise money, is a hopeless panderer (he roots for the Yankees and Red Sox!?), and he is known for being a bit too grabby with the ladies.

    I concede that Obama has the best chance of defeating McCain* and that he'll be better for the Dems down ticket. But I'm not the type to vote for electability. I'd rather vote for who I think the best president would be.

    *But I think there's no way a Dem loses this cycle. HRC will beat McCain too.

  16. I guess she could be honest and accountable and say she made a mistake in voting for the war. But she can't, it kind of reminds of someone who can never admit theyt made a mistake. Damn who is it.... OH YEAH, G W BUSH!!!!

    And 9/11 did change politics. Thats why Bush got reelected, you can scare people into voting for you. It's awesome! It's what Hillary tries to do when she says she will be 'ready to be president on day 1'...

    And personally I think being married to the president is a great reason to be disqualified from being president. I think being the son of a president is a greta reaosn too. I am sick and tired of the same old people and the same old bullshit. If you wanna live in a monarchy/dictatorship move to England or Cuba, eat some fish and chips wash it down with a room tempetature nasty ass Teleys, smoke a cigar and shut the fuck up.

  17. I am having serious deja-vu here!!! I thought there was NO WAY that this country would re-elect Bush, and it happened.

    I am telling you, Hillary does not do anybody any good if she can't get elected! She is losing in national polls currently to McCain. There are too many white male baby boomers who are turned off by her personality. I don't think it is a wise decision to support her.

    OBAMA 08!

  18. Bush's reelection in 2004 was a shoo-in. No way people toss his ass out of the White House only 18 months into his own war.

    I am willing to concede that Obama matches up better against McCain. But I'd rather vote for who I feel is the superior candidate. And in my mind that is obviously Senator Clinton.

  19. Rusty:

    It is not that obvious! She cried in NH! She's mad that MSNBC suggested she is "pimping" her daughter.

    Her number of years in public service is about being Bill's wife. Was she on the government payroll? Did she get a W2.

    If she did, then tell us what she was for and against....oh that's right...the records are in the library and under seal.

  20. Oh! And it's not like she did such a great job on health care the first time around.

  21. Rusty you should vote for whoever you want to vote for. If you think Dinosaurs don't exist you shoudl vote for Huckabee. Go nuts and write in a vote for Guliani if the words 9/11 give you a hard on. That's why this country tries to be great, freedom to elect whoever you want and whatnot...

  22. They're not called dinosaurs anymore, per Huckabee. They're called Jesus Horses. GET IT RIGHT.

  23. "Oh! And it's not like she did such a great job on health care the first time around."

    Her plan was actually pretty great. The political execution, not so much.

  24. BTW, I do love Obama and would be happy to support him. I just don't think his policies are as good. (I'm still stuck on his lack of a gay rights platform. Clinton's gay rights platform is sorely lacking (it's not pro-marriage), but at least she throws a bone to ending don't ask/don't tell and is pro civil unions.)

    And I think that if Obama gets elected, that'll he hit a brick wall. He'll push some laws through the bully pulpit in his first 100 days (a tradition that every new president gets the benefit of) and then what? What happens when he gets filibustered? What happens when the Washington he claims he can change is in fact unchangeable?

  25. Gosh! (Napoleon Dynamite). You don't like Hillary? you prefer Obama? Fine. Good for you, but you say a lot more with your vote than you do with your mouth. So go vote and...cut it out (Uncle Joey)!

    We're not each other's enemies. That's always been the problem with the Democrats.

    p.s. I just voted for Hillary in VA and I approve this message. Peace.

  26. Ok I know I said I was done, but I can't let that lie.

    Obama has a record as good -- or better -- than Hillary Clinton's.

    Lets start with the as-good: the only downside you'll be able to find from Obama on gay rights is his position on gay marriage. He's against it (preferring civil unions), but, unfortunately so is Clinton.

    - He co-sponsored legislation to expand federal hate crimes laws to include crimes committed because of sexual orientation AND gender identity.

    - He has been an ardent supporter of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and has said it should be expanded to include sexual orientation and, once again, gender identity.

    - He supports gay adoptions and foster parenting.

    - He voted against DoMA and opposed the Federal Marriage amendment.

    Here comes the part where he is BETTER on gay rights: Since you're counting Bill's presidency as part of her "experience," she must be due some blame for Don't Ask Don't Tell still being in effect. Right?

  27. Just look at how age changes a man! Exactly as the exit polls show, once Rusty turned 25 he left the 18-24 demo that Obama pwnes and now votes with the HRC camp!

  28. nun I am pretty sure everyone on here voted. Right? I did around 7:35am this morning and supported the local PTA buying some stale cookies to boot...

    I don't quite understand why Rusty thinks Obama will hit a brick wall. He will most likely have a democratic house and senate at his back and has been known to get support from across the aisle...

    It'll be like when GWB was a uniter and went accross the asile and got Hillary and Wynn to back him, except for good as opposed to for evil...

  29. My roommate recently moved here from Massachusetts and was flabbergasted when she met a real-live Republican.


  30. DoMA is a great embarrassment to the Clinton presidency but for our intents and purposes doesn't matter. Bill signed that into law, not Hillary. Neither H. Clinton or Obama ever cast a vote on DoMA.

    But Clinton voted against the FMA as well. As for don't ask/don't tell, it was better than what the armed forces offered in 1993. Don't ask/don't tell was a marked improvement.

    Obama's platform on his website mentioned hate crime legislation. Good. It doesn't mention gay adoption, ending don't ask/don't tell, or even civil unions. And of course there was the whole imbroglio where Obama refused to have his picture taken with Mayor Newsom of San Francisco after the Mayor bravely allowed same-sex marriages in his city.

    In terms of what they achieved in the Senate, both senators have the same HRC rating. The difference is that Senator Clinton has gay rights as an important part of her platform and Senator Obama doesn't even mention it save for expanding hate crime legislation.

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  32. Well done! As a Bostonian and former DC resident (1997-2002), I could not agree more with your post. As an under-30 Clinton supporter, you have made my day.


  33. "Her plan was actually pretty great. The political execution, not so much"

    Do you see the irony in your point?

  34. Given no other difference between Hillary and Barack, you should vote for Barack because he's likely to beat McCain, and Hillary is *not* likely to beat McCain.

    That's pretty much the synopsis of every poll out there. You're essentially voting Republican with a vote for Mrs. Clinton, which is unfortunate.

  35. Ummm - why support Hillary? Because she supported a "war" no one can win? Because she did a complete 180 on her stance vis-a-vis bankruptcy protection for American citizens as soon as she hit office (and got a taste of all that banking lobby moolah)? Because she's the consummate political opportunist?

    Seriously, I expected better from you. It makes me sad, but this comment will be my last interaction with your site. If I want to interact with folks who challenge and possibly offend my political sensibilities, I'll go to Off the Record. At least there I can drink.

  36. "Seriously, I expected better from you. It makes me sad, but this comment will be my last interaction with your site."

    With all due respect, if you can't handle someone having opposing political views, then you really won't be missed.

    Most of the things I've read from people my age has been pro-Obama. Yet you don't see me refusing to read them because we have a disagreement. I spent Super Tuesday with a dozen Obama supporters. I was the only Clinton fan. Yet I didn't storm out because we disagreed. Because that would be hilariously immature.

  37. Hey I feel ya Rusty. I proudly voted for HC. Wow, what a bunch of overzealous, naysayer, Obama Kool-Aid drinkers you have here! Hillary’s trek admittedly seems a bit daunting, but Obama doesn't have shit 100% in the sack...just yet. Time will tell; there have been plenty of prodigious defeats in politics before. TX and PA will really tell us more. I’m a native Texan and I happen feel that Hillary will win over Obama in my home state. Just my hunch.

    And last, damn you Rusty for voting with your mind and not some skewed poll you watched on CNN. Now be a good boy and pour yourself a nice big glass of Kool-Aid.

  38. Let's take a look at how our presidential hopefuls voted on an amendment to strike telecom immunity from the FISA bill:

    McCain - voted against the amendment
    Hillary - didn't bother to vote
    Obama - voted for the amendment

    How telling.

  39. Oddly disagreeing with Rusty makes me come to this site more...

    It's fun to disagree with him, he backs all the losers.... Patriots... HRC... The Washington Generals...

  40. Wait. Do you root for or against the Washington Generals? I'm always on their side. It's a shame the refs are always in the Globetrotters' pockets.

  41. Oh come on now the Globetrotters are always getting t'd up for accidentally hitting a ref with confetti when the Generals are baiting them...

  42. Rusty:

    I thought about the "Kool Aid" you think we are all drinking.

    You are probably right; but HOPE is all we have. As a nation, we've been traumatized constantly.

    9/11 goes without saying. They have WMDs...then they don't. Bought a house and got rich...now it's worthless because we used a hybrid loan; cashed out the equity and bought crap. The US does not torture...now we do, and even a Supreme Court Justice (Scalia) says it's OK. The economy is great! but jobs went overseas and Mexico. Don't even mention illegal immigrants.

    Do you see my point? We HOPE because so many of us have suffered for the past 8 years. We just want it to stop.

  43. so you support Hillary more because she has more gay rights on her website? Who knew websites were so important.

    Welcome to the club rusty but stay away from the green lantern if you want to meet old guys JR's is less skeezy.

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  45. A LOT of the gay press in the united states supports Obama precisely because he's at least a little better on issues of gay rights. It seems people here are looking at the little pictures (websites, etc.) and drawing sweeping conclusion from those little pictures. The many gay publications I've come accross at least try to paint a more comprehensive picture. One that leads them inevitably to an endorsement for Obama, it seems.

  46. I think the lesson here is that Rusty is bad at navigating campaign websites.