Nats Fever! Catch It!

Every March I almost keel over in anticipation for the start of the new baseball season. This year is of course especially important for my fellow DC residents. The new Nationals Park opens in only a few weeks. And, sure, the parking situation still hasn't been figured out and the team will probably be pretty terrible, but, come on! Baseball!

To celebrate, let's enjoy this video from WTOP on the state of the neighborhood surrounding the stadium.

Wow. This looks fantastic. Sidewalks are for wusses anyways. Why let pedestrian safety issues get in the way of a good ballgame?


  1. Don't forget the coming Natpocalypse on Sunday, June 29! Remember, the Nats are going to be using one of the RFK lots for their shuttle service...but June 29 will be extra-super-happy-fun day! At noon, DC United play the Los Angeles Beckhams (likely drawing a sellout of 46,000 to RFK)...and at 1:30 or so, the Nats play the Orioles at Taxpayer Park!

    But wait, it gets even better! Thanks to the Taxpayer-funded debacle of the Formula-1 (or whatever it's called) track that sits like a white elephant where an RFK parking lot used to be, there's no longer enough parking at RFK to handle 46,000 customers...let alone the extra cars from Nats and Os fans...

    ...I wouldn't worry too much about it, though; I'm sure Metro is ready for the overflow.

    Personally, though, I'm gonna be in Lot 8 around 9AM, tailgating for the United game and laughing at the Epic Clusterfuck.

  2. Half street (the street right in front of the metro station) is/ will be closed to traffic anyway. So its really one big sidewalk. So yeah... pedestrian safety....

  3. And don't forget about Natpocalypse II, "The Prequel", March 28-30.

    -The Pope's in town.
    -Nats open up Taxpayer park.
    -"Pink trees" festival starts.

    The red line can barely handle morning rush hour traffic, so this should me awwwwwesome! Perfect timing for a cab strike, I say.

  4. the pope isn't in town until april, silly. so the prequel natpocalypse won't be as dramatic.

    and those "take metro to the game!" radio spots are on all. the. time.

  5. That's it, I'm cabbing from NE. This is insane.