Where Have I Been?

Sorry for not updating recently, but I can't get in a lather over gun laws or the protesters. I've written about my hatred for DC's handgun ban too many times to count. And if you think one hundred moron protesters is going to work me into enough of a lather that it'll be worth it's own post, then you've got another thing coming.

I just wanted to offer a temporary olive branch to the good people at Metro. DCist just posted this Metro ad up and called it "the worst, and somehow at the same time the absolute greatest, Metro ad campaign we've ever run across." I vote for greatest. This is fantastic. And, yes, I am that easily won over.

This is the greatest DC-centric YouTube video since HRH King Friday XIII came out this seven months ago:

Hope these videos entertain you. NCAA games start in half an hour!


  1. You've wasted three minutes of my life and I want them back!

    Oh, I'd only just waste them anyways

  2. Nothing going on, eh?

    * 3 local b-ball teams making playoffs

    * Largest fire in DC in 30 years

    * City reacts to spikes in rat population

    * Your beloved Metro is ceasing track work to decrease delays

    * Passport records of Clinton/Obama compromised

    You're just being lazy, dude. :o)
    I only watched 30 seconds of that video, glad I didn't spend the whole 3 minutes. It was very...."meh".

  3. You are right. I am being lazy.