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So, Wonkette's Liz Glover and Washington City Paper's Angela Valdez got into an altercation with Late Night Shots's Reed Landry. Landry broke Glover's camera and, according to Glover, twisted her arm. This is, to put it oh so delicately, a big no-no. You just don't physically threaten a person. This is the double truth Ruth if a male is threatening a female. This isn't breaking news.

The Reliable Source actually published Glover's account in today's paper. Here's what caught my eye:

Later, she [Glover] ran into Angela Valdez, author of a critical City Paper article last summer on LNS, who had just had a similar encounter. ("I just wanted to say hi so maybe we could not be enemies, and he started yelling at me to get away from him.") Fortified by a cocktail or two, Glover decided to take Valdez over to Landry and get a comment for her video.

Here's my response to the City Paper article in question. It was overwhelmingly negative. Something the City Paper should be used to from me.

Anyways, a few months later I ran into Ms. Valdez at Wonderland. I was at a going away party and it looked like we had some mutual acquaintances. I tried introducing myself (with my real name, not Rusty).

Well someone told her I maintained this site because I got the cold shoulder. No eye contact, no pleasantries. She actually walked away with my hand outstretched. To her credit, that's the best way to make someone look like a jackass.

So when I read Valdez saying something like, "I just wanted to say hi so maybe we could not be enemies, and he started yelling at me to get away from him," I call bullshit. I've been down that road with her and she was playing the Landry role (albeit with much more dignity and grace).

What Valdez and Glover really wanted was to stir up trouble. Which is fine. They succeeded and I congratulate them. Honestly, I do. I've been to two LNS events and I failed to stir up trouble. They are better at this than me.

But the tone of the Reliable Source piece doesn't fit with what probably happened. Landry had every right to be pissed off. Two people were following him around. Both of these people had a history of trying to destroy something he created. The video camera was just icing on the cake. He's still the villain, but Valdez and Glover are no heroes.

If I'm mistaken, I'd love to personally apologize to Angela Valdez back at Wonderland. I'll even buy the first beer. And I won't break your belongings or twist your arm. All I ask for in return is for you to not treat me like an enemy. And maybe throw in a handshake.


  1. *Yawn* Who gives a flying f**k about LNS? And who gives a toss about either of these chicks? LNS is nothing more than a bunch of shitbags who are gaining notoriety and infamy because of oh so interesting stories like this, which is likely their goal. I would be very happy to never read another LNS story again; they just aren’t that interesting. And they certainly don’t deserve the free publicity. Wonkette is a case study in mediocrity with a turnover rate higher than a Denny’s. City Paper…well at least the print version lines birdcages nicely. [Rusty should’ve used a City Paper to wipe his ass in the park the other day :o)] The world is full of self-absorbed tools who think wayyyyyyyy more of/about themselves than anyone else does. There are plenty of other (worthwhile) things in this city to hate. Just a humble opinion.

    But this is a boring ass city so this is the stuff that “blogger legends” are made of…..

    Again *yawn*

  2. The way I read the story is that it was Liz Glover who was saying "I just wanted to apologize" and based on her blog posts it sounds almost exactly like something she would say. Liz also claims when she joined Wonkette last summer she was completely unaware of the LNS-Wonkette feud. How can someone so adorable be evil?

  3. ink smeared on paper > Reliable Source

  4. I give up, Rusty. You chastise Valdez for snubbing you, and somehow manage to paint a sympathetic picture of that LNS douche because the evil Angel Valdez tried to "destroy" what he had "created".

    Um, that's basically the exact same thing you tried to do the first time around. You're just being a priss because the CP did it on a bigger, more public platform than you did. Their story got a lot of attention and caused a much bigger scene than yours' did. You really should let it go.

    You snubbed Angela online, and she snubbed you back in person. I'd say you're even, and all is fine and well.

    You got scooped. Papers steal stories, girls snub boys at Wonderland and douchebags threaten reporters. Such is life.

  5. heh. i accidentally wrote "evil angel." Not that I know what that means....

  6. I can't tell if the commenters at Wonkette are serious or not. They speak of enlisting commenters from Gawker (no one at Gawker cares about what goes on outside NYC) and Jezebel (most annoying commenters on Earth) in aiding them in an LNS War. Who gives a shit about ANY of this? Sickening. I hope they were joking.

  7. WHAT WILL THE YOUNG GEORGETOWN DOUCHEBAGS DO NEXT? Inquiring minds want to know...