Metro opens doors, and then comes charging at you through those doors

Metro's newest misadventure begins like a horror movie...

Freeman and her husband, Robert, also 32, live in a Capitol Hill rowhouse three blocks from the Potomac Avenue Station. On Friday, they planned to take Metro to the Kennedy Center to see "The Producers."
No, take a cab, TAKE A CAB! Oh no, it's too late... I can't watch...

"I asked him if the escalator was broken, and he didn't say anything," Jade Freeman said. "He pushed his seat back and threw up his arms, very annoyed. I put my ears on the little holes [in the plexiglass of the booth] and said, 'Um, is the escalator broken?' He got up and just started saying things. He wasn't answering my question; he was throwing tantrums."

Jade Freeman said that after asking for the station manager's name, she went through the fare gate and saw him repeatedly slam his name tag against the glass. He opened the door to the booth and stepped out, she said.

Robert Freeman rushed back to his wife. "He was coming at me," Jade Freeman said of the station manager. "He said, 'Get the [expletive] out of my station.' "

The station manager picked up a nearby broom, the couple said. "He turned to me and said, 'You think you can come down here and harass me because you're white!' " said Jade Freeman, who is Asian. Her husband is white; the station manager is African American.

Then he tossed the broom aside and shoved Robert Freeman in the chest, the couple said.
Ahh, this story has everything. Good customer service, racial harmony... and even everybody's favorite Metro spokeswoman and creature of myth, Lisa "Go Fuck Yourself" Farbstein. Even she is going to be hard-pressed to find a good excuse this time.

Farbstein says the manager did not threaten the couple with the the 2-foot long broom, but instead was picking it up after it had fallen when he exited his kiosk.
Ohhh, so as he was bursting out of his little booth in order to shout at this couple and shove the husband, he just happened to innocently knock over the broom. Which he then, of course, picked up. And held onto as he assaulted the husband. Honest mistake.

The couple took a cab to the Kennedy Center [after the incident].
Told ya.

The WTOP story says Metro received 71 complaints about rail employees in July, so more than two per day. Way to go! Let's shoot for 100 this month. There's still time.

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