MCI on the bay

How funny is it that the Golden State Wizards managed to squeak through November with a winning record (7-5)... and that's the first time they've had a winning record in November in the last 20 years? What an incredible stat.

At least this year's version can actually shoot. They're scoring 102 points per game, which is a much bigger miracle than that grilled cheese sandwich that looks like the Virgin Mary. Now that perpetual whiner Stackhouse is gone, and they've got a decent group of starters, they might actually be fun to watch.

But how does the team not go bankrupt, charging Michael Jordan-era prices to see the Warriors' castoffs? In the past two weeks, I've found eBay auctions for tickets that allowed me to buy them at rates of $25 for $80+ seats, and $6.50 plus shipping for $48 seats. Granted, I'm not going to the biggest games (Dallas on a Sunday afternoon, and New Jersey tonight), but still... that's a little more like it. I think we know that Washingtoniers will go to see any basketball, at all, if the price is right (judging from those Mystics "attendance champs" banners... heh, they must be so proud).

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