WJLA: The official station of the Justice League of America

I don't know how it is that straight-laced Washington has the best TV columnist in the country, but Lisa de Moraes is indeed the bomb. Her creativity and spunk (I hate spunk!) really seem out of place in the Post. Notice the bracketed replacement of the word "Redskins," which is also one of my favorite techniques.

In the capital of the Free World, however, people were denied the opportunity to see "Desperate Housewives" on Sunday night. WJLA once again shoved its No. 1 program out of prime time and into the wee hours of Monday morning to broadcast another lousy [wildly inappropriate local football team's name] loss at the same time it was telecast on ESPN.


When WJLA finally did air "Desperate Housewives" -- beginning at approximately 12:45 a.m. Monday -- it cut 4 1/2 minutes from the episode. (It also misplaced one 3 1/2-minute ad break.)
To find out about the missing scenes, read the rest of her column.

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