Bad sports

Remember when the Redskins issued that bitchy press release about the Post, because the team sold seats that turned out to have obstructed views and the newspaper committed the heinous crime of, you know, reporting that? Good times.

Well, the team officially shot the messenger. All of the Post's 279 season tickets, which they've held for decades, are being cut off by the team.

(The team's excuse: the tickets are being scalped. Um, hello? Do you know how many bazillion tickets are available through scalpers or eBay each week? It's a lot.)

I used to think Danny Snyder was like a 12-year-old trying to play fantasy football. Now he seems like a 6-year-old throwing a temper tantrum.

Meanwhile... the Nationals are in spring training, and everyone's looking forward to the start of the season at RFK. "You know what might be nice," the team asked? "Fireworks on opening night!" Seems reasonable enough. Everybody likes fireworks... and it's appropriate, since baseball will finally be back in town for the first time in eleventy thousand years.


Veronica E. Raglin, advisory neighborhood commissioner in nearby Kingman Park, fired back with a letter to city leaders: Fireworks, she wrote, were totally unacceptable.

"Fireworks are something that lower the standard of living," she said in an interview yesterday. "It's not just the noise, but the smoke and fumes and the trash. . . . I want people to enjoy baseball. But I do not think we should be put at a disadvantage and have our quality of life reduced."

Sorry, but... come on. We're talking fireworks here. They go off way up in the sky, they go bang. Also, you live next to a motherfucking baseball stadium. It's going to occasionally, this summer, be noisy and/or trashy. Also also, you live adjacent to the skankiest, stankiest river on the Eastern seaboard: the Anacostia. (Now only 42% feces!) The fireworks can't even hope to dampen the stench of that body of "water."

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