Two years

Yes, it's the why.i.hate.dc two-year "blogiversary."

(See what I did there? I took the word "anniversary" and incorporated the word "blog" into it. That's so smurftastic.)

By now, I'm a veritable Washington institution. But I still haven't been going as long as the D.C. arsonist, who started burning down houses in mostly poor neighborhoods a good three weeks before I started blogging, and still has managed to escape capture from a crack multi-jurisdictional team of investigators who almost somewhat care.

So I guess we're like kindred spirits now. God speed, D.C. arsonist. You know what they say... "Get busy living, or get busy burning down some shit."


  1. Oh your blog is two years already so old but so cool, you rock! :D

  2. two years of excellent!Congrats