Doubts On Weapons Were Dismissed

Love it. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Utterly FUCKING brilliant bunch we've got up in here.

Even the Energy Department did not hold fast to its analysis. Although it dissented on the tubes, it went along with the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in concluding that Iraq had resumed a nuclear weapons program, based on arguments the commission called insubstantial and illogical. One analyst told the commission, "DOE didn't want to come out before the war and say [Iraq] wasn't reconstituting."
Oh, of course. Wouldn't want to interrupt the fun! It's only a fucking WAR we're starting here! Don't want to upset anyone!

Another key piece of evidence came from an Iraqi defector who told the DIA that Iraq had built a secret new nuclear facility. U.S. intelligence could not verify the report, or locate the alleged facility, which did not exist. After the war, the CIA concluded that the defector was "directed" in his claims by the Iraqi National Congress, led by then-exile Ahmed Chalabi. To this day, however, the DIA has not withdrawn the defector's reporting from national databases, the report showed.

And the beauty part: this gets bumped off the front page for the death of Terry Schiavo. What's more important: the life of one woman who's been in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years, or the lives of 15,000 or so non-vegetative Iraqi civilians and 1,500 or so of our own soliders who were mistakenly sent to their deaths by bloodthirsty idiots?

Judging by the personalized novelty legislation that Congress has taken to passing, it's the former. The Iraq story will fade from memory in a few days. So before it does, let me just say: WAY TO GO, people.

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