Can't be mad!

When I was walking around town snapping photos for my Sunday photo essay last month, I noticed that on I St. (or Eye St., if the alphabet is too confusing) the streets were devoid of people but jammed with parked cars. Apparently, according to my, um, informants, a lot of those cars probably belonged to people working a little overtime at the World Bank. Because, you know... sending Burundi into perpetual debt can't wait until Monday.

Hopefully those people got out of the office yesterday, because yesterday was great. People were out in force actually doing fun things. Not only was it a big sports day, with the first Nats RFK game and a big sold-out (yes!) Wizards game, but it was also the rain makeup day for the Kite Festival.

Kite Festival is the best. It's probably my favorite thing to do in Washington that you can't do anywhere else. Hundreds of people fly kites on the Mall, with the Capitol and Washington Monument as a backdrop; kids run around chasing bubbles from the bubble machine. It's really, really fun. Even I can't be disgruntled about Kite Festival.

And then, today, baseball starts up. And we actually have a team to watch. Granted, a team that has no leadoff hitter, no farm system, no owner, and somehow already owes a "cable network to be named later" to Peter Angelos. And I'm planning on leaving town at the end of the year, so I'll only get to watch the Nationals in person for one season, during which they'll probably lose something like 104 games. But still: baseball. For the first time in years, there will actually be something to do around here this summer besides playing "Menace Those Tourists." I'm totally ditching work this afternoon to go get a frosty malted beverage and watch the game. (Sorry, World Bank people, you have to stay at work. Those countries aren't going to bankrupt themselves, are they?)

So. Um, I realize you don't come here for happy things. You came here to see me complain about Washington while throwing out random pop culture references, and then you were going to comment and call me a pussy, and suggest that my problem is not enough oral sex. Well, not today, dammit! Today's a holiday from all that. It's a beautiful day outside; let's all step away from the keyboard and go enjoy it.

Umm... Scott Bakula.

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