Whose (Red) Line Is It Anyway?

In an effort to avoid creating more candy bar-eating martyrs, Metro cops are undergoing... wait for it... conflict management training.

Oh, if only I could have been there. The training was apparently run by RobertPruitt.com. (Their motto: "Discover What's Outside Your Box!" Umm, I wonder if Wonkette knows about this.)

Anyway, the article's pretty hilarious, as Metro officers attempted to improve their lives through improv comedy. But the best part:

Pruitt divides people into four personality groups -- the controlling lion, the promoting peacock, the analytical owl and the supportive koala bear -- and advises police officers to identify their own type, as well as the passenger's. Pruitt says he is a classic koala.

Metro Transit Police Chief Polly L. Hanson -- a lion -- said she has already used the techniques she learned in the class.
"Sir, you are clearly a koala bear. I'm going to have to ask you to put down the eucalyptus leaves."
"Um, I...wha?"
(Sound of passenger being tasered)

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