There are only 20 people more loathsome than I

Incredible... I can't believe I beat Washingtonienne AND Michelle Malkin. That THAT!

The authors describe me as "snooty." Mind you, one of them described the Cheesecake Factory as "mangy waste, sold to bottom feeders", while the other one's name contains both a "Randolph" and a "III". But right, I'm the snooty one.

Anybody else sensing a growing anti-James backlash lately? I don't know where it came from, since, you know, I still have absolutely no influence or power over anything, whatsoever. I'm, you know... just a guy. With a blog. Why is the fact that I don't like living here such a big deal?

I'm basically just passing the time until I can move away from a city I don't like, and trying to have some fun with it. I can crack some jokes, get my write on, push the known boundaries of profanity, etc. But some people who do like living here act like I've shot their grandparents. I guess my writing style fosters that kind of climate. But seriously... chill, people. What are they going to do, shut down the city because of what I say? Not likely! I can't even get Dance 360 on the air, dammit!

I'm just not that important. There's no way I should be on the same list as Bob Novak. I don't even make any money doing this.

But hey, people who loathe me: I have good news. I sprained my ankle pretty badly over the weekend. It's in a splint and propped up on my computer right now. If I'm not as funny for the next 6-8 weeks, it's because I'm playing through pain. Or, at least, that's my excuse.

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