This is the stupidest thing ever

Did they really just pass a law ordering the Terry Schiavo case be transferred from state court to federal court?

OK, I'm no expert on Constitutional law or anything, but even I know that if you're in the U.S. Congress, and you're passing a law that affects exactly one person, and that one person is in a persistent vegetative state, you've officially crossed the line from "serving your constituents" and into "The Twilight Zone." I think Congress is getting all its ideas from Fox News. I'm expecting the "Michael Jackson/Martha Stewart Celebrity Incarceration Act of 2005" any minute now. That would make about as much sense.

Oh by the way, Congress, if you have time for this crap, can we maybe get a real political issue on the agenda, like sayyyyy... D.C. voting rights? What's that? No, no we can't? You still don't like black people? You still want them less enfranchised than the Iraqis? OK, just checking.

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