I Hate Burying My New Post, But



Is this a fever dream? I must be hallucinating this, right?

Here are the rules: There are no rules!!!

Just kidding. The big rule is that you have to be a member of Late Night Shots to apply. And you have to be between 21 and 29.

Well, that's not true. You have to be a Late Night Shots member to be accepted to this abortion of a reality show. Nothing can stop you from applying. So, take the time to download this and e-mail it with a photo to this address: info@pbandjtv.com. (Don't forget to put it to Havva's attention!)

Just what the city needs. A bunch of fucksticks drunkenly running around DC without a care in the world. While only a few miles away, there's enough poverty, unemployment, and despair to make some third world countries blush.

These smarmy shitheads must be destroyed.


Apparently DCist beat me to the punch by a few hours. C'est la vie. Although, this excerpt chafed a little:

Late Night Shots, the invite-only, Georgetown social scene site first made famous by Wonkette and later by an investigative report by the Washington City Paper...

Hmph. Not true. Ladies and gentlemen, in case you've forgotten, I present the first ever blog post regarding Late Night Shots. Discovering these nincompoops is, for some very sad reason, a point of pride for me.


  1. MD-70 BC-65
    Another strike for the chosen one!
    BVoston sports fans LIKE to lose. They had a nice five year run there where they won stuff and now they can go back to their self loathing ways for another 70 years. Good itmes.

  2. rusty as soon as i read this i thought of you. i wish you would try out.

  3. MD-70 BC-65

    I could give a shit about college basketball. But if I did I would probably point out that American beat UMD on their home court.

  4. I hope they realize that the whole point of reality tv is to let viewers laugh at you for your idiocy.

  5. none of us are pretty enough to be on this show! :-)