BREAKING: Two Metro workers killed at Rockville station

At around 1:45 AM Tuesday two Metro employees were struck and killed by track equipment at the Rockville station on the Red Line. According to early news reports, the accident occurred on the outbound tracks, in the direction of Shady Grove.

WUSA9 reports the workers were 49 and 68 years old.

Metro has notified both the NTSB and the Tri-State Oversight Committee. The AM rush will be affected, as the Rockville station remains closed.

Little information is available right now. This is, of course, a tragedy and yet another incident with the deaths of track workers. Metro has repeatedly said they are retraining their employees and making safety a priority--yet these accidents keep happening. What will Metro's response be this time? More training.


  1. My Heart Goes Out to their Family and Friends

  2. terrible. feel so bad for those guys, and so angry at metro's continuing, neverending irresponsibility. what is wrong with them? i mean really - what is their problem in this agency?