News Bullets, "rad restos" Friday;

Happy Friday, Internets. Trying a bit of a new format for the daily postings, we'll see if it sticks. This is for my own sanity mostly. If this destroys your morning routine or something like that, please let me know. I don't want to make you sad.

So it's a total piece of crap day today, perfect weather for the March for Life. I saw some of the Palin Youth heading towards the Mall from Union Station, complete with their baby blue or light pink stocking caps. I'm sure many of them were armed with "STOP OBAMACARE" posters, since you know, it might sometimes, sorta in an extremely limited way maybe go a little bit towards helping pay for an abortion. Only in America would you see people protesting against expanding health care (which saves lives) at an event called the March for Life. But this is America and that's why we <3 all of you.

What else do I love? This opening of a Washington Post piece on the revived interest in the Dupont Down Under location:
Hidden 25 feet below the earth -- beneath the elegant circular park, the trendy shops and the bustling Starbucks -- another part of Dupont Circle sits empty, eerily quiet and largely forgotten.
Oooh, how dramatic. "25 feet below the earth." This story has been circulating the blogorama for a while, but it seems like some progress might be coming on installing some art galleries below Dupont Circle, in the old trolley tunnels. The whole thing would be a big endeavor, costing a bit of money. Estimates put the price tag at over $5 million to get everything up to spec and worthy of hosting art. Ed "I'll rain on your parade and take away your ghost bike" Grandis of DC MAP says his group is only interested if it will draw more foot traffic to above earth retail. Said Grandis, "we're not interested in another feel-good idea."

Finally, 14th & You has been totes off the chain this week, with lots of bloggy goodness. They located this gem from Modern Luxury:
OFF THE GRID!: The 14th Street corridor is quickly going from grit to glam. Galleries, theaters and condos are the backbone of a nabe now replete with rad restos and bars.
But... they also forgot to mention the furniture stores, too! And no, "nabe" and "restos" are not actually words. But then again, Modern Luxury is just a magazine that Rachel Ray vomited all over. Bet those rad restos serve some killer delish sammys. Also, I'm not sure in what universe 14th street could be considered "off the grid." 14th Street is absolutely the grid. In 1999, maybe not so much. It's not by any stretch of the imagine off the grid, or off the beaten path, or off of anything. Maybe "off Broadway?" except no, that doesn't fit either. So just an absolute and complete no to "off the grid."

Oh yeah, also, let's welcome Senator-elect Scott Brown's wife, Gail Huff, to DC. She'll fit right in here. Turns out she starred in a music video about blow jobs. Really. "She's everything a boy would need / she's a girl with a curious hand."


  1. Nothing about tonight being the last Tonight Show? I don't know if I like the format without bold subheadings.

  2. who cares about the video? really.

  3. I need another wife who likes to make blowjob videos. That was fun.

    Hey look, would it kill you to throw a semi-colon in there, ya frickin' honkey?("Trying a bit of a new format for the daily postings, we'll see if it sticks.")

    Another grabbag of crap here....

  4. This blog was a hell of a lot better when you didn't speak about national politics. Stick to the bread and butter issues that have kept this blog going since way before you were writing for it.

    I fundamentally disagree with your assertion that DC's problems stem from institutional, rather than cultural, problems, but at least you were on the right track before. Pro-life protestors and Scott Brown will likely have little impact on bread and butter DC politics.