Last day to enter the SUPER AWESOME GIVEAWAY contest

That's right, you can still submit your own story of what you hate the most about living in DC. Leave it as a comment here or on the other thread, or go ahead and email me. I'll be selecting two lucky winners who get a write-up done about their selections as well as receiving a grab bag prize. The prizes may be selected from the following:

That's right, you might receive a 2008 Virginia winery guide and map! Or maybe a lovely holiday Whitman's Sampler. What's that? Some sort of environmentalist jelly wrist band thing, sure! Also, "Grammy Brand" buttons and a USA shaped stress ball thingy. Oh, and don't forget the totally awesome book about communism.

Winners will be announced tomorrow.


  1. How about a post on how none of the damn escalators work in the Metro Stations? It'd be awesome if we could get some statistics behind that... like which ones are always under repair, and how many are down at any given time (it seems like it must be close to half).

    I've been in DC for a little over three years, and except for one or two days, I don't think the down escalator going northbound at Farragut West has ever worked. The escalators are also something that all my friends and family have commented on when they visited. If the escalators aren't going to work, why don't we just use stairs?

  2. Snatch a Gentrifiers I-Pod then resell it at school the next dayJanuary 27, 2010

    The thing I hate most about living in DC are the pasty transplants

    Especially the pasty transplants who arrived during 1998-2009.

    They think they are urban and hip but in reality they are really nothing more than victims of crime on a daily basis.

    Besides being victims of crime on the streets on a daily basis they are also being victimized on a monthly basis month by their landlords.

    Their landlords are stealing more money from them each month than a street thug ever will in an entire lifetime.

    They are so shook they get uncomfortable when a group of 3rd grade minorities get on board the same metrobus they are riding on.

    Stupid pasty gentrifiers.

  3. Is M@ playing? I miss that guy.

  4. I hate that we play so tough then hear the word snow and suddenly our testicles disappear. Also, I hate that we have this very puritan approach towards anything sexual. "I never do that because it's gross." Bullshit!

  5. Oh, and that bracelet's a cock ring.

  6. Shall we call you Derivative Dave from now on?

    "Derivative" because you stole BSNYC's schtick.

  7. Who/what is BSNYC?