LNS reactions to New Year's Party are priceless

Earlier I mentioned that the creators of Late Night Shots had gone and done it--pissed off their own members. To briefly recap, Fritz Brogan and Reed Landry, creators of LNS and owners of several DC bars and restaurants hosted a New Year's Eve event at the National Building Museum. Due to poor planning and a rowdy crowd, all rules of society appear to have broken down, and the interior of the Museum was damaged.

For even more back story, Late Night Shots is an invite-only "social networking" site that is mostly used by douchebags who live in Georgetown now but went to GW. Think "popped collars," for the most part. Type LNS into the search box right here on WIHDC to learn more, thanks to Rusty's work a few years ago.

Anyhow, I'd like to present, with a bit of commentary, the reaction to this whole mess, from the LNS messageboards:

"Annoyed" writes:
No one has mentioned the caliber of people at the event.Suits outnumbered tuxes, which for the most part, were all poly-blend rentals. A girl in front of me was voraciously chewing gum, like any extra on the set of Grease.I shouldn't have to breathe the same air as these people even if only while waiting in line to get in.

It's amazing to see someone actually write the phrase "shouldn't have to breathe the same air" and be serious.

"..." follows up with:
"some cheap suits"...try a lot of cheap suits. Most of those people would have melted if they got close to a radiator. The entire Orange Line came to the NBM last night. They should have gotten Axe and Enterprise to sponsor the party.

Ah, ha, now we see why Georgetown still doesn't have a Metro stop.

"In Shock" writes:
I agree with everything everyone has said about what a fucking disaster this party was last night. Are there any lawyers on here who wanna take on the class action suit to screw these fucks to the wall for the crime they committed against us all? It could be worth a pretty penny even at only 5-10% and should be a slam dunk.

Yes, of course this is a great opportunity for a class action lawsuit. I'm absolutely sure there were plenty of lawyers in attendance, or at least people who just graduated from law school and are still "preparing to take the bar." Maybe you can get a few pointers from the judge who filed the $54 million pants lawsuit.

"Clientele" chimes in with:
Frankly, anybody who stays in DC in new years is low class. Mountain Ski Homes or the Isles are the only high class places to spend new years eve.

I'm pretty sure they are serious.

"Sangria Ortez" wrote:
I am shocked by your allegation of seersucker at a NYE party. Although there weren't enough staff as it was, someone should have been the drees code enforcer. I would gladly have stood guard to turn the improperly dressed masses away. Gross.

"Dear Reed and Hunter" gives us:
As one of your most loyal customers at George, please do not offer an open bar for the LNS New Years Eve party goers. That will only encourage all the riff raff from Virginia and Glover Park to come to Georgetown, and I don't think I'm up to date on all my immunizations against infections diseases such as trashitis and idiot flu.

This was in response to someone suggesting the party organizers offer an open bar at George for anyone who attended the NYE party.

"Didn't go" still has an opinion:
But it seriously sounds like most of the people complaining where downstairs with the plebes. Sounds like the people in the suite had a great time. Moral of the story: don't be cheap on New Year's Eve.

Here's one of the best:
Of course there won't be a refund.

Agree with Annoyed - Look at how many people are begging for a refund on a pathetic $100. Ugh, trash.

Somehow I don't particularly feel bad for any of these people. Happy 2010 LNSers!


  1. C'mon, these comments have to be a joke right? The LNS message board is just some sort of bizarre creative writing exercise/joke that the rest of aren't in on, there's no other plausible explanation.

  2. You're new here Hill Rat, aren't you.

  3. No, LNS is real. Even if I move to DC in April, I will still avoid Georgetown at all costs or any of their bars..

  4. It's hard to believe such doucheism could exist in reality without irony. Wow.

  5. LNS is the best thing to happen to DC since Marion Barry. It's the cure to the slow-news blues.

  6. But did The Bitch set LNS up?

  7. In the dictionary under "douchebag," there's a picture of the LNS folks mugging for the camera.

  8. hHhaahaahahahahahaha @ all of this!

  9. elitism and douchebaggery all rolled together in one...what a treat

  10. Wish i could have streeked this.

  11. Story picked up local TV news : )


  12. It's a joke - a dry, tongue-in-cheek joke. Also, to your anonymous reader, "streeked" is spelled "streaked."

  13. i enjoy that anyone who is a member of LNS actually defends the site. i enjoy more the people who are members and deny it.

  14. LNS is a joke you don't get, and never will.

  15. the fact is that most of the LNS members are Hill workers who make under 40k and yet act like they make over 100k. i have a lot of friends that are members and that go to george and smith point...but it's honestly not worth it. they pack the bars and george for instance is super dark and now much fun.

  16. Georgetown still sucks except for the running stores, bicycle shops, and the Exorcist Stairs. Well, I guess GU is okay.

  17. Fritz & Reed sold tickets to the general public to fund their own "super VIP" private party rooms with their inside circle. They partied it up on everyone else's gullibility. Karma's a biatch.