Blow out your candles, 9-11

Hooray. Let's hear it for 9-11-2003. Another year of people using 9-11-2001 as a crutch, or an excuse, or a reason to stress.

Seriously, can we fucking get over this already?

Yeah, I know it was terrible. I remember what happened quite vividly. But we bill ourselves as a country with tough resolve that doesn't let anything stand in the way of our freedom. And yet, we're still feeling sorry for ourselves, afraid to question the government, and afraid to fly. "Oh, no! You can't bring your backpack into MCI Center! Al Queda might want to bomb the Washington Capitals game!" Please. As if anyone enough about the Caps to want to bomb them.

Let's make this next year one in which we stop acting like a bunch of fucking chickens with our heads cut off. Let's live our lives like we used to. Let's not make the '00s a decade in which we spent the entire fucking time recovering from one terrible day.

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