What a world

This sounds like a nice idea. A sing-a-long to The Wizard of Oz at the Kennedy Center. Bring the kids, see a fun movie, sing yourself silly.

Oh by the way, tickets are $27.50.

That's not a typo. Twenty-seven fucking fifty per person.

Who the fuck can afford to pay $27.50 for a movie? If you bring three friends, you're paying $110. I mean, it's a good movie and all. And especially fun with a bunch of people. I saw it during a Screen on the Green thing at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, which included lots of singing along. Drunken singing along, granted. (I even saw a couple drunken fights break out in the crowd, which I wasn't expecting to happen during this particular film.)

However, that was free. If I'm paying $27.50 to see it, it better be the super secret special edition with Ray Bolger and Judy Garland's sex scene, which I just made up in my head. And I really doubt it is.

Hmm. I just don't know what to make of this. Maybe the gay community in Washington has a lot more dispoable income than I suspected.

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