Redskins hope to tame parking madness

So glad I'm not driving tonight.

Tina Brown, 36, of Sterling, who went to the preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens, said the parking situation was "really crazy." The new cash lots, where spaces cost $25 apiece, were in "the middle of nowhere," she said. She described a scene in which shuttle buses were packed and it took a linebacker's strength to get through the crowd that formed in front of the buses after the game.

"People were fighting to get on the buses," Brown said. "They were pushing. There'd be one bus, and it would fill up, and then it was like a free-for-all again. . . . It was horrible."
Ahhh, I love Washington. Where else can you pay $25 to park miles away from your destination, and then have to fight your way onto a shuttle bus?

Where else can a parking pass for a game sell for more than the price of a ticket?

Nowhere, baby.

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