The Most Powerful City In The World

"Three D.C. Schools Paid Mystery Company $59,000."

Bank statements show that the payments were made last winter to Mott's Sales & Service of Temple Hills. Mott's is not a registered corporation and has no telephone listing or Web site.


The company slogan on the bottom of the invoices reads that Mott's is "the source" for computer equipment and software, but the items purportedly purchased by Moten included 20 toilet plungers, 27 bottles of degreaser, 30 bottles of drain opener, floor stripper, bandages, 20 mops, file folders and 5,400 pens.
Response Too Slow, Pepco Chief Admits.

Ann McDonell of Chevy Chase said yesterday that she received five of the automated calls from Pepco that wrongly announced her power had been restored. "Then they would give you an option and say, 'If the power has not been restored, press two,' and I thought, 'this is truly a mess.' "
Two Newborns Found Dead In Loudoun And Fairfax

In the Washington area, at least a dozen abandoned infants have been discovered in the past five years.

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