Top PR Firm Advises Zoo, Its Director After Deaths

The National Zoo, facing outside scrutiny after a succession of animal deaths, has enlisted one of the country's top public relations firms to work on bolstering its image.
I don't envy that PR firm. What do you do to play up a zoo that lets its animals die on a regular basis? That's a tough one to draft a slogan for.

How about "The National Zoo: Survival of the Fittest!"

Hmm. Maybe it would be better to launch a smear campaign against reporters who have uncovered the zoo's problems:
In an e-mail sent earlier this year, Mason asked her staff to learn more about the Post reporters who have been writing about the zoo: Karlyn Barker, D'Vera Cohn and James Grimaldi.

Among the information she solicited were "any details on who they are personally (have families, kids, on any boards, etc)."
Wow... when the National Zoo is looking to put pressure on you and your family, you know you've reached the apex of your journalism career. Quit now, people. It doesn't get any better than that.

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