Pieces of hate

Low-Income Renters At High Risk of Lead:

[A study's] findings suggest that for many Long Branch residents, low rent comes at a high cost: More than half of the 268 tenants surveyed said they were not notified of potential lead-paint hazards by their landlords, possibly in violation of federal and state laws. About 48 percent reported rodent infestations in their apartments. Forty percent cited electrical problems, and almost 20 percent were without heat at least once during the winter.
The serial arsonist continues to arsonize all over town.

Alexandria Student Dies After Attack In Old Town. It's tragic and all, but I can't help but notice that the Post dedicates 827 words and two writers to the story of this (presumably white) Virginia kid's death, while the last 25 or so homicides in D.C., generally murders of blacks and Hispanics, have averaged between zero and 25 words of copy per incident. Draw your own conclusions.

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