Ahh, how I miss Herndon


(But I do miss "not." Whatever happened to "not?")

As you might expect, I haven't been back to Motherfucking Reston since I got my new-old job back. You might recall that my boss laid some wonderful-awful quotes on me, like when he "joked" about our company being unable to hire more computer scientists:

"We should hire those temporary [Hispanic] workers who hang around the 7-Eleven on Elden St. in Herndon." No longer joking: "I used to live around there; it's a really bad neighborhood."

In that same spirit of racial harmony:

Barely four months into her first term, Herndon Town Council member Ann V. Null set off an uproar by writing disparagingly about immigrants in a community newspaper, characterizing them as "cooks, maids, janitors and gardeners."


Now Null is in the thick of another immigrant-related controversy. As it turns out, she rented a room to an immigrant family for about a year in violation of town ordinances against overcrowding of homes -- laws that she campaigned for and voted to approve last year, according to town documents and officials.
Ahhh. L'irony, je t'aime.

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