The Washington Times is an endless source of comedy for the entire planet

Wait, did I say comedy?

I meant rage. Unbridled rage.

Parliament in Pakistan is urging the government to seek an apology from The Washington Times newspaper over a cartoon that depicts Pakistan as a dog.
Where's your civic pride, people? That's our hometown paper they're talking about! Can I get a woot woot? Can I get a beep beep? No? OK.

The cartoon shows a US soldier patting a dog holding Libyan al-Qaeda suspect Abu Faraj al-Libbi who was recently arrested in Pakistan.

"Good boy... now go find Bin Laden," the soldier urges the dog.
And here it is, from the pen of Bill Garner:

Um, yeah. I don't even know that much about Islam... but even I know they're not gonna like that.

It's non-apology apology time! (A.k.a. "I'm sorry if I offended you.") Sayeth the artist:

Cartoonist Bill Garner told Pakistan's Dawn newspaper that he never intended to offend the Pakistani nation.

"It is a cultural gap, a cultural misunderstanding that caused the uproar.

"The symbol to me was that of friendship," he was reported as saying. "There is a saying in English that a dog is a man's best friend."
*Sigh.* Everyone together now:

Bump-bump-a-nah, wahhhhhh.

"There has always been a great friendship with animals, especially dogs, in America".
Oh dear God, Bill, STOP! You're making it worse!

Mr Garner said that the cartoon was meant to depict "the spirit of goodwill and friendship that exists between the two countries".
And also, of course, that Pakistan's like our dog.

Wow. When your political cartoonist nearly starts a jihad with one of our allies... that's some hard-core extremism. All I can say is bravo, Moonies.

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