Sorry, D.C., no vote for you; here, have some guns instead

Here we go again with the heroic Republican Congress-people from other states trying to repeal D.C.'s gun ban. They tried it last year as well, before giving up.

How many times do we have to go through this? This is not something D.C. wants. Stop trying to force something on D.C. that it doesn't want. If they wanted to repeal the gun ban, they could do it via the normal democratic process. Congress has got to stop stepping in and forcing its personal social agendas on an unwilling population that is fully capable of governing itself. This "Take Up The White Man's Burden" shit is getting old.

Seriously. This makes no sense, anyway. If I'm making a list of things that would improve D.C., "More guns" would rank somewhere between "More toxic waste dumps" and "daily Juice Newton concerts on the Mall."

And, of course, the bill's sponsoring senator is from... Texas.

"Many people live in the district during the week who are members of Congress and they would like to be able to protect themselves in their homes," said Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, who wrote the District of Columbia Personal Protection Act of 2005. Hutchison said if the measure passes, she will resume her longtime practice of keeping a handgun in her bedroom.
So, she wrote this piece of legislation to benefit JUST HER. That's so... Schiavoesque. Except that "Culture of Life" isn't going to be mentioned in conjunction with this one.

Yeah, look, Texas, we're all very impressed that you're batshit crazy and ready for a gunfight anytime, anywhere. Could you maybe keep that confined to your state? There is, after all, plenty of room there for that. Thanks, that'd be great.

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