A mayor who's in touch with the people

Elizabeth Taylor has White Diamonds. Coco Chanel had Chanel No. 5. Now, D.C. Mayor Anthony A. Williams has his own signature scent, a blend of patchouli, jasmine and citrus christened "Beau-Tie."

That's pronounced "bow tie" for the French-impaired, a coy reference to the mayor's signature fashion accessory. And though Williams does not normally wear perfume, cologne or scents of any kind, he cheerfully accepted a small, beribboned flask of the stuff yesterday from representatives of Aveda during a news conference at the new Gallery Place mall.
Ohhhh man. Couldn't this have happened while Barry was mayor? How much would you have paid for a bottle of "Essence of Crack Whore"?

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Le Beau-Tie was visiting the Moonie Times newsroom today. It's just a non-stop party with him. Must be hard to squeeze in any actual mayoring.

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