At least I'm not homeless

But a lot of people are, and it's getting worse.

The count showed that in several suburban counties, at least half of the heads of homeless households are working. In Loudoun County, 79 percent of homeless adults in families have jobs.
Yay. Once again, here's a problem happening in Congress' backyard that they could work to alleviate. If only they paid attention to, you know, anything going on around them. That would be so nice. Oh, that's right, I forgot. They're too busy with personalized novelty legislation.

Fun fact: "If the minimum wage in 1979 had been indexed for inflation, it would be $6.92 today (2004 dollars). In other words, the inflation-adjusted minimum wage is 26% lower today than in 1979."

I'm guessing they think raising the minimum wage would be too broad-based an effort. It wouldn't do anything to directly help specifically-named individuals. It also would only help people who are not in a persistent vegatative state.

So that's right out.

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