Let's Pick Our Poison!

I think everyone is pretty clear on my feelings towards Metro and towards the (at least)$611,000,000.00 stadium giveaway. Now I read this on DCist:

The renovations, slated to cost $20 million, were supposed to funded by the federal government, thus allowing the District to squeeze everything else into a tight, D.C. Council-mandated $611 million price-cap. But as WMATA details in its press release on the ground-breaking, "the $20 million project budget is being funded on an interim basis by the District of Columbia." What gives?

According to a
D.C. Wire report on the matter, the federal funds, written into the 2007 budget, were never approved in the waning days of Republican control. Now that power has passed to the Democrats, it's up to the District to convince them that the renovations should be paid for by the feds. And if they pass? City Administrator Dan Tangherlini, in a moment of surprising candor, said: "Then a bunch of District transit priorities crumble."

First, let's hope that Congress gives us the $20 million. My capacity for schadenfreude stops at about the point where potential improvements to my commute are on the line.

One thing I do enjoy quite a bit is being right. I thrive on it. This stadium deal was a mismanaged disaster and DC should be ashamed. Our politicians were so busy giving away their chickens that they hadn't noticed that twenty million of them hadn't hatched yet.

Despite an overwhelming mountain of evidence that Major League Baseball sodomized Washington, the stadium still has its supporters willing to talk about revitalization and the city pride that comes from having a baseball team.

These people are morons.


  1. Once again I just gotta say Screw This Town!

  2. So now Metro is going to suck even harder just so DC gets a SECOND baseball stadium???

    To anyone on the red line who wears a Nats hat: be prepared for a kick in the balls.

  3. We'll probably get the $20M from Congress, so don't worry. I just enjoy doomsday scenarios.

  4. After the 1st season of the new stadium nobody is going to give a shit about the team or the stadium. Empty seats will be very common.

  5. DC is such a shitbox its not even funny.

  6. Nobody gives a shit about the team right now!

  7. Rusty, very well... but I still reserve the right to kick Nats fans in the junk.

  8. I would never take that away from you.

  9. Seriously, you guys are killjoys.

    If we get a stadium, I will personally guarantee that all the ghetto youth you guys love so much will start hanging out in the upper bleachers, therefore reducing the chance that you will have to deal with them on your commute.

    Isn't that worth $600M or so? It's a bargain at $800m if you're a motor-scooter rider...