You People Have Let Me Down

I was a bit busy yesterday. You may have noticed I didn't post anything. Heck, I didn't even read The Washington Post! Saved myself 35 cents! Did any of you read yesterday's Post? I bet some of you did. And if you're one of those people, shame on you.

From now on, when you notice the words "Laura," "Sessions," and "Stepp" in a byline, please notify me immediately. E-mail me. Send smoke signals. I don't care how, but make sure I know about it. This is especially germane when we're dealing with an article that tries to explain to adults why college students find drinking more exciting than homework. Seriously, that was the theme of her last piece in the Post. Wrap your skull around that. How old do you have to be to find this surprising? My 83-year-old grandfather still talks about his college fraternity hijinx. What does that make Stepp? 107?

That is a fierce powersuit.

I would spend another 1,000 words or so making fun of LSS, but the story is a day old and DCist already did a lot of the leg work. Wonkette already stole Late Night Shots from me. Don't let DCist take my precious.

Come on, gang. Let's not have this happen again.


  1. Yes I do read the Post...and if I'm REALLY bored, I circle their editing mistakes in red.

  2. Rust:

    Just wanted to say that you're doing a great job on the blog. Your posts are consistently provocative, insightful, entertaining, and original, and I always look forward to seeing what you'll come up with. Keep up the good work!*

    * This paragraph is entirely sarcastic.

  3. I totally had the scoop on that story and Laura swiped it from me during last week's ed board meeting!

  4. Mr. Hope,

    I picked up on the sarcasm. The asterisk was unnecessary.

  5. why dont you just set a google alert?

  6. That sounds like technology. No way. I still don't know how RSS feeds work.

  7. Why, why is there a Style section in the Washington Post?

    You have editors and reporters spending too much time inside "the Beltway" mingling with the elites of this Swampy Cesspool Town. They have no fucking clue what happens with society. The Style section is so obsessed with Hollywood celebrities, DC Politicos, and celebrity journalists that any news item about "average" people who exhibit normal human behavior is a novelty.

    A certain number of WaPost reporters graduate from elite universities and into a bubbled life of privilege. Those reporters tend to be employed in the Style Section.

  8. The Post is fun, but for a wild time buy an issue of the Times. Half way through the A section, your mouth goes dry, then you start hallucinating, and soon you start to think we're winning in Iraq.

  9. Oh yeah, reading the "Going Out Gurus" online chat at WaPost is just as painful.

    "A How To Have Weekend Fun Guide" for 20/30-something Yuppies who have no imagination. Whatever the Gurus recommend, I stay FAR, FAR away from those establishments.

  10. I absolutely love Dupont Circle. Wish I had spent lots more time there during my administration.

  11. I love the Post, I really do. But what's so patently offensive about LSS's "college life" articles is the generalization of DC college life to all college life in general. All colleges have their share of spoiled, self-absorbed assholes only interested in drinking and casual sex, but LSS acts like it's the collegiate majority. My college was full of socially awkward dorks. I spent my four years playing board and video games. Damn you, LSS.

    (I love this blog. Keep up the brilliant ripping of holes in DC pretension.)