Four Alarm Blaze...In My Pants!

Sorry this here blog has been so quiet. I've been a busy, busy boy.

The big story in the news since the beginning of my two day sabbatical is without a doubt the revelation that Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) is the type of dude that knows bathroom solicitation code and probably trolls on Craigslist's casual encounters page. Frankly, I could care less. That doofus is Idaho's problem, not mine.

I'm much more offended by the allegation that DC firemen and EMTs are running prostitution rings out of firehouses. These people are employed to protect us. Running a criminal enterprise is, correct me if I'm wrong, counter-intuitive to protection.

Sure, these are only allegations. But would it really surprise anyone if they turned out to be true? DC city officials are a joke. Firefighters running sex rings, a policeman forcing a motorist to perform sex acts, and let's not forget the EMTs who doomed David Rosenbaum. The police, fire department, and hospitals are all useless. If this were a game of Sim City we'd all have been destroyed by a disaster by now.

Of course, in Sim City 3000, the stadiums aren't funded with taxes and the schools are easy to fix.


  1. rusty, you're looking at this situation all wrong. Prostitution has always been associated with red lights, well finally we have a prostitution service that can run them.

  2. i enjoyed sim tower much more than sim city.

  3. It should be "I couldn't care less."

    We all know DC sucks, but grammar does not.

  4. i need you to do me a huge favor.
    remember the crazy friendship heights homeless lady you wrote about like a year ago?
    i think i saw her in new york. she was screaming about the germans.
    please check if she's still there. if she's not, then she prob took a greyhound up here