Metro Bomb Scare

It was fucking paper and cardboard. Three stations closed because of a box filled with cardboard.

It's over. The terrorists won.


  1. Yes.

    And if you thought yesterday was bad, what do you think it's going to be like today, when 45,000 people descend on the stadium to gawk at Beckham ... on the same night when Beyonce plays the Verizon Center? If it's as hot as it was yesterday, metro will be back to 40 mph speeds. Hopefully the rush will happen after 7. I'm eager to see what kind of alerts metro sends out this afternoon.

    Leave your cardboard at home, kids. Beyonce will just slip on it anyway.

  2. Ted Kennedy's LiverAugust 09, 2007

    They need to take such precautions, you morons. Remeber what happened in Spain a few years ago? It's protocol now. When one blows up and you start bitching about Metro not taking things seriously then remember this post, you fucking shitshooters.


  3. I think the point is that it took three hours to figure out that the suspicious package was just cardboard. If it had been a real bomb, there would currently be a giant crater somewhere near the Washington Hilton.

    And naturally, the media are pretty excited about sharing to the reading public that (a) it took that long and (b) it caused the system to grind close to a halt.

    I don't think anyone cares about whether metro takes threats seriously. I do think that situations like this make us realize that there seems to be an enormous lack of disaster readiness across the continuum of DC's infrastructure.

    Let's face it: a cardboard box ground the metro system to a halt while they tried to figure out what to do. A few years ago, a farmer in a tractor froze up downtown DC's traffic patterns. When the serious shit comes down, we are screwed.

  4. Ted Kennedy's Liver has a point. But it's just the word "turdnecks."

    Bravo, sir.

  5. Beyonce sucks. Beckham sucks. Both are very over rated in their respective fields. Far from being great. They are just average. Overhyped by the media. Beyonce sucks more than Beckham does actually. I am a guy and I would rather blow him than her. I hope she falls on her face again. Beyonce is an ugly creole.

  6. timmy loved judas priestAugust 09, 2007


  7. Personally, I'm glad that they take this kind of thing seriously. This is a lot more useful to me then, say, putting my goddamn shoes through the x-ray machine at the airport. Or making me leave a pair of scissors at home, but permitting knitting needles and guitar strings.

    Anyway - what struck me as idiotic about this was not dealing with the situation seriously, but actually blowing this thing up (er, "disrupting" it, to use their terminology) with a water cannon. I mean, isn't that what the X-ray was for? To figure out if there's a bomb inside?

    I am guessing the bomb squad doesn't have that much to do, and so that's just something they get to do as a perk. What would be the point if they couldn't use the cool toys in the end? Sign.

  8. you are such a compete douche.

  9. David Beckham is not even likely to be appearing in tonight's game, according to the news. "Ha-ha-ha-hahh-ha" to all the 45,000 people who will be sorely disappointed tonight.

  10. i'm just glad that no one decided to blow up Farragut North yesterday with a couple thousand confused tourists and disgruntled government employees inside.

  11. i kind of miss that farmer on his tractor...

  12. Rusty is a douche ...