News Bullets, Man of the People Friday;

Is the tide turning on Jim Graham? The embattled Ward 1 Councilmember (pictured, left) has been the subject of unflattering media coverage in the wake of the arrest of Teddy Loza. Not a good sign: an article with the headline "DC Voters call for Councilmember Jim Graham's Resignation." The WJLA piece cites "some voters," likely members of the DC GOP. However, I'm all in favor of Graham resigning. It's time for a change. Even if Graham was not involved in the bribery scandal, why he stuck by Teddy Loza and even paid for a late-term abortion (while claiming no knowledge of his personal troubles) is beyond me.

Councilmember Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6) wants to ease chicken regulations.
This story echoed around the blogosphere yesterday, but I wanted to note that Wells has really become the supporter for under appreciated struggles in the District. First he steps up for disabled residents who want to use Segways on the sidewalk, and now he feels the pain of a couple who raise chickens in their backyards. Is Wells planning a run for mayor on the 'overlooked plight' platform?

Another murder, tally for 2009 now at least 101. A man was shot in the 1600 block of K St, NE yesterday evening. He later died of his wounds, adding to the city's homicide count. No information has been released yet as far as a suspect or a motive in the shooting.

Marion Barry supports bringing Walmart to Ward 8. A while back I wrote "A Case for Walmart" arguing that it would not be the worst thing in the world. Barry is in favor of a Walmart in Ward 8, though it sounds like the proposed plans would be far less than ideal. The city was able to get Target into the DCUSA complex, if Walmart wants to do business in the District, the city should develop a real, sustainable retail complex at Poplar Point, not just a wasteland of parking lots (as GGW notes).

Anti-semitic graffiti in Dupont Circle, again? Someone has scrawled the word "jews" on a window at the location of the soon-to-be Smoothie King in the 1600 block of Connecticut Avenue, NW. A few months back I recall seeing a spray-painted backwards swastika in the same block.

Tomorrow is a busy day. For those of you looking for something to do in the District, Ward 1 is a happening place! The City Paper's annual Crafty Bastards craft fair is Saturday, as well as the official Grand Reopening of the Columbia Road Safeway. I have to say Safeway has really been pushing this, they have sent me a new Club card, with about $80 of coupons, and a free reusable grocery bag. The renovation was quick and was a significant improvement. Also, next door, the new CVS has been progressing very quickly.

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