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Abbreviated edition today, I'm sick. Thank good for Tivo, right? And laptops. Here's hoping I'm not getting the Swine Flu after talking about how the vaccine will turn you into a reptilian zombie. So, my apologies for the less-than-thorough morning news update. Hopefully I'll feel better later today and can work on some other pieces, including "Why We Hate DC" number 2. Also, for anyone interested, I'm almost complete with the third piece in the series about Metro safety and I'll have a piece ready soon about this whole Politico-NewsChannel8-WJLA local news site.


Peter Nickles sends Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3) flowers to make amends.
The District AG, who had called Cheh an "angry woman" did what any man in the dog house does--he sent flowers. Yes, in an effort to make up for his sexism, he decides to get the angry woman flowers. For her part, Cheh has played this all wrong. She is not politically savvy. She joked that she also liked chocolate and has displayed the flowers in her office. The appropriate response would have involved explaining that flowers don't negate a violation of District law, and flowers also don't make up for a stunning display of a lack of respect. On this token, though, maybe Marion Barry can send Ximena Hartock some flowers and make everything better.

Phil Mendelson to run for D.C. Council Chair?
Well, maybe, if all sorts of other things happen. "Rumors" around the Wilson Building say that Mendelson might run for the chair spot, though that's likely dependent on Gray running for mayor. If Gray runs for mayor, then Jack Evans will also seek the chairman spot. Mendelson is facing former DPR chief Clary Ray as a challenger for his current at-large seat.

Michelle Rhee faces the D.C. Council today.
Mike DeBonis is live blogging the hearing, which I'm sure will produce some fireworks. Who wants to bet we'll see another skirmish between the Council and the Mayor's golden child? Part of me is impressed that Rhee has stuck around in this position this long, given that she's really been facing a no-win situation. A schools system in poor shape, but little wiggle room to make any sort of Big Picture changes. We'll see what she has to say to the Council. Should be worth watching.


MPD releases operating procedures after FOIA fight. After an eight month battle, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund has prevailed in a Freedom of Information Act battle with the D.C. Metropolitan Police. The General and Specific Directives, which dictate how MPD manages their police powers. These are now available for everyone to read, which is always a good thing.

WaPo gives us the deetz on the Real World.

And with that, I have to leave you.

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