News Bullets, up in flames Tuesday;

Marion Barry has been released from the hospital. Just in time to lead the charge for the new Civil War over gay marriage. Barry had been admitted to the hospital last Monday for dehydration, and was moved to the ICU for a kidney infection. This man only has one kidney, and it isn't his, so he's got to be careful. Guess all that Haterade he was drinking during the Ximena Harstock hearings didn't do much to keep him hydrated.

THEY STILL CANNOT GET IT RIGHT. Yesterday there was a shooting at 1300 1st Street, SW. Chicquelo Abney, 18, was killed and one other person was injured. As I noted yesterday, DC Fire and EMS tweeted about the incident, reporting the location as 1300 I St, SW. WUSA9 re-reported this, though it was eventually corrected. NewsChannel 8 is still using the WJLA copy that places the shooting at 1300 1st St NW. How hard is it for people to look at a map?

Lanier shrinks MPD's Gay and Lesbian Liason Unit. The Washington Post looks at how the MPD hiring freeze, as well as officer redeployment will affect the department's specialty unit. Essentially less officers will remain dedicated members of the GLLU, while more officers will receive brief training to assist with issues in the community. Many say that the reduction of dedicated officers will work against the goal of the unit. There's still little information about the investigation of the stabbing of two transgendered women in Truxton Circle. Initial speculation was that it may have been a hate crime, though I have been unable to find out any more information. No suspects have been arrested.

Fire Department Sprinkler Demonstration turned into "a comedy act." Last week a DC Fire Department sprinkler demonstration went horribly wrong. One firefighter was injured when a plexiglas curtain went up in flames, melted, and dripped onto firefighters setting their gear ablaze. As it turns out there was no safety officer present at the demonstraton, no safety briefing had been done, and there was no backup line to put out the fire in the event that it spread. DC F&EMS Chief Dennis Rubin said it "looked like a comedy act."

Man attacks GW grad student with a hammer.
The GW Hatchet is reporting that a male grad student was attacked in a campus bathroom by a man wielding a hammer. The attack occured on Friday, and the suspect is described as a bald, possibly middle eastern man between the ages of 25-40.


  1. A GW student is hammered? That's hardly news.

  2. Damn, why didn't I think of that joke.

  3. Yeah, you did a real hatchet job on that one.

  4. Perhaps news outlets keep getting the 1300 1st Street SW address wrong is because there is absolutely no way a murder could have occurred there, what with the new stadium instantly sprucing the surrounding neighborhood up. Right? Right...

  5. And that fire department demonstration did look like a comedy act. I guess firefighters are unaware when they themselves catch ablaze.