Voters to Jim Graham, "We Don't Care"

Councilmember Jim Graham continues to say that he didn't do it. An email he sent to supporters has been making its away around the Internets, complete with the favorite Graham sign-off of "Bests."

Today he fires back at the City Paper,
Dear Friends,

Far too many times we’ve seen news outlets pry into the personal lives of public servants. Rummaging through dirty laundry and printing “he said, she said” allegations is a sure-fire method for constructing a poor image of anyone’s character.

At times, we all make mistakes and exercise poor judgment. When loved ones, friends or colleagues make mistakes I don’t turn my back to them. I do my best to help with support, healing and learning. As to the abortion that Ted and his friend chose to have done, I loaned Ted the money (via authorized use of my credit card) which he promptly paid back. As anyone can imagine, this was an extraordinarily difficult time for them and the financial burden would have only compounded their challenges. I was in a position to help.

I have always supported a woman’s right to choice.

Bests, CM Jim Graham
So it's "I didn't do it" and essentially "boys will be boys." Jim, keep your mouth closed from now on and hope people forget about this before the primary, and that the FBI doesn't arrest you.

Right now it's starting to unfold as:

Graham to Ward 1: "I didn't do it"
Ward 1: "I don't care."


  1. I use the City Paper to wipe my ass.

  2. This grudge match is awesome. FYI, M@'s blog is public again:


  3. Mr. Graham, You pay for the killing of a child fathered by one of your trusted employees? The same trusted employee "responsibly" does it a second time, however this time the baby is born. Did you max your credit card about the same time as the second pregnancy? Myself a new father, your statements sicken me you TV camera hogging pompous non-corrupt DC elected official. My check book is open to your opponent from either party in the next election.