News Bullets, smoke on the Metro Tuesday;

Just got off the Red Line, a fire on the tracks near Metro Center is causing delays in both directions. As best as I could tell there was a disabled train on the Shady Grove side at Metro Center, and people were talking about a small fire. The Red Line is single tracking around the area now, and there was some smoke visible at Gallery Place.

Even more anti-Semitic graffiti in Dupont. This rather confusing graffiti has been evolving outside of the Smoothie King development at 1621 Connecticut Avenue, NW. The graffiti has continued up and down the entire 1600 block of Connecticut Avenue, with the word "Bogus" written on most businesses between Q and R. It appears as though someone attempted to cross out portions of the graffiti, resulting in the hodgepodge seen in the photo.

Another murder, this time near Trinidad/H St NE. Sarahd Taylor, 19, was found in the 1500 block of Benning Road NE with multiple gunshot wounds, around 9:40 PM last night. He was taken to the Washington Hospital Center where he was pronounced dead. I believe this puts the homicide count at 103, though that count may be off.

Also near Trinidad, a woman was struck by a Metrobus. An evening accident involving a pedestrian and a Metrobus left a woman in critical condition. Reports have it that a woman had just exited the D8 bus when she was struck by another Metrobus. Presently there is little information about the circumstances surrounding the accident. Metrobus safety has been a centerpiece of John Catoe's safety initiatives, and this is the second Metrobus versus pedestrian accident in so many months. Note for futher research: what happened to the plan to equip Metrobuses with those high-visibility lights?

Also in Northeast, a hydrogen gas leak. There was a leak at the District's only hydrogen fuel station, which is a Shell on Benning Road, NE. The station has 10 tanks that hold 1,500 gallons of liquid hydrogen gas. The high pressure leak was contained by the DC Fire hazmat team. Who knew we had a hydrogen fuel station in DC? Was this the result of bribes from the hydrogen powered cab lobby? I recall that the DC government may have some hydrogen powered vehicles in their fleet.

Ximena Hartstock faces harsh confirmation process for DPR Director. Hartsock has been interim DPR director for a while now, replacing Clark Ray. The DC Council is taking up her confirmation, and she's facing an uphill battle. Some questions surround appointing a non-U.S. citizen to a 'cabinet'-level post, as well as controversial distribution of DPR resources and a lack of experience. We recall the $552,000 dog park that opened in Dupont. We can debate over dog parks until we are blue in the face, but I found this argument about the citizenship interesting. Should directors of DC agencies be required to be American citizens? Jonetta Barras at the Examiner thinks so, and I find myself agreeing. Sure, it's "just" Parks and Recreation, but would we think differently if it was attorney general or chief of police? Why make a distinction?

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  1. I watched the fire. They said it was a boot/paddle that came off the train... must be why the train was stopped and a walk thru guy made sure everyone was off the train. I think since where the boot was touching the power rail was loose, somehow the continued contact after they stopped the train let whatever was touching the rail burst into flame... it was about a 2 foot diameter fire... not too big, it was almost out before a metro worker sprayed it with an extinguisher