Group forms to protest baseball in Springfield

More dull people protesting the addition of something fun.

"I'm not against baseball coming to Virginia, it's a fine entertainment, but it's not right to put it in a place where it will destroy a community," said Lon Caldwell, a member of the West Springfield Civic Association and supporter of the group.
Yes, let's defile the priceless jewel of Springfield by introducing the destructive force of baseball.

No really, Springfield has a lot going for it. A lot. I'm trying to think of what, right now. And I'm sure it will come to me. If I keep typing. Typing, typing... there must be something to Springfield besides the Mixing Bowl.

Hmm, let's see what Google says. Apparently, Springfield has a Bennigan's AND a T.G.I. Friday's. Well, I for one would hate to interfere with that.

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