The murder count goes up!

All right! Two more murders in D.C. over the weekend, as reported by the Post. One guy found dead along the Anacostia Freeway in Southeast, stabbed several times; another unidentified body found in a burning dumpster in Northeast.

That second one is creative! There's no way the Metro cops will solve that one, with their 44 percent success rate. You know they're going to bring the body in for DNA testing or something, and then kind of forget about it, since it's so hard to identify a charred corpse. Might as well not bother, right? No way to tell who the killer was anyway. Burning; that's a good one. That's using your head.

I'm really hoping for a C.S.I.: Washington spinoff show. It would be hilarious; you'd have some forensic scientists just kind of hanging around, shooting the shit over at the 7-11.

Anyway, I'll be updating my "murder counter" to the left, complete with Mayor Williams' smiling, vapid face. These bodies were both found Saturday, so it will be retroactively set to "3 days since our last murder". I'll try to keep it up to date (check the properties on the image to see when it was last updated), but you can always check the D.C. cops' numbers yourself at any time.

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