Hey... this sucks

So I'm going to the Capitals' playoff game against Tampa Bay tonight. I haven't been to very many hockey games this year; back in Atlanta I made it to at least 10 a year, mostly on the cheap $10 day-of-game tickets at Philips Arena (be sure to as for the back row in the middle of a section, so your view isn't obstructed by the railing).

Watching Game 3 last night, I remembered why I haven't gone much this year. It's because of the trashy, annoying fans, summarized beautifully by the "you suck" chant.

This is a little something that's migrated its way over from the "University" of "Marlyand", which is, of course, famous for destroying the neighborhood whenever its basketball team beats Duke (fortunately, rare). During the playing of Gary Glitter's classic "Rock and Roll Part II", the "hey" is followed by "you suck". That's it. That's what they came up with. It's like their fight song now.

This clever chant has been going on for several years, and, after attending a football game last year during which I saw Terps fans spit on opposing teams' fans, and reading this piece in the school paper, it's pretty clear that Maryland is one heck of a white trash college.

So... from now on, it's the Safety School of Marlyand.

So anyway, the "you suck" chant (after a goal) has become popular with the similary trashy Washington Capitals fan base, which generally puts off its past-due Camaro payments in order to afford season tickets, and thereby wilfully giving money to ineffectual AOL evilmonger Ted Leonsis. I noticed this the last time I went, some time in January. I didn't go again for the rest of the season; I'm a big hockey fan, and I subsribe to the NHL Center Ice package on digital cable to receive more games than I can possibly watch (P.S., I highly recommend this for the playoffs, when you can get the superior CBC Hockey Night In Canada feeds... you learn a lot more about the game than ESPN can teach you). But the trashy, belligerent MCI Center fans keep me away from the Caps.

At least I don't live in Philly...

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