Pay no attention to that banner in the corner

Some of those ads that show up there are weird... like this one I just saw. It's... a board game? I guess? From the web site, all verbatim:

"In April 2061 the south rises again as the New South Militia and begins the Second American Civil War. Their idealistic fervor attracts people in other states. They secede from the U.S.A. and begin the fight to determine who will build a new America."
Huh? The fact that this guy thinks "south" is plural is only my first complaint.

Please remember, it's just a game! I am only using fighting between the states as a metaphor for how we argue about who we were in the past, who we are in the present, and who we will be in the future of the United States of America. There is a civil war of good and evil inside every man. Remember, anger is a poor interpreter of life. We have freewill and can choose. Try being a warrior for freedom and go be who you really want to be, and keep doing it.
Yeahhhh... this is sketchy to the max.

The moral of the story: ignore any ads you see up there. I could pay to take them out, but it doesn't seem worth it. Just don't click on them. Especially if you see on for washingtonjobs.com or washingtonpost.com/jobs. I must have sent out 100 resumes based on listings from that site, and received zero responses. What a complete fucking waste of time. So do yourself a favor and make a concerted effort not to click on it if you see it.

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